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Teen Dream
Beach House - Teen Dream
Critic Score
Based on 27 reviews
2010 Ratings: #26 / 833
Year End Rank: #5
User Score
Based on 478 ratings
2010 Ratings: #3
January 26, 2010 / Release Date
LP / Format
Sub Pop / Label
Chris Coady / Producer
Dream Pop / Genres
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American Songwriter

With their third full-length effort, Beach House forces the listener to re-examine pop music status quo while taking another giant stride as a band.

A.V. Club

Teen Dream is deeper in hue than its predecessors. Its blues are bluer, even while warmer tones abound, and Scally’s guitar emotes as lithely as the voice it dances with.

Entertainment Weekly

On their third LP, Teen Dream, they evolve at last, adding more variety behind Victoria Legrand’s wonderfully weary vocals.


This is both the most diverse and most listenable of their three full-lengths, and yet it never seems like a compromise. 


Though it's not as eclectic and whimsical as their earlier work, Teen Dream is some of their most beautiful music, and reaffirms that they're the among the best purveyors of languidly lovelorn songs since Mazzy Star.


They’ve made an absolutely magical record – the jagged edges of their past have been smoothed by the sea, making ‘Teen Dream’ a soft shore gem in the crown of the great chronicles of youth.


Dream is a go-for-broke collection that not only creates and sustains a hi-fi drowse-pop drama throughout its 10 beguiling songs, but comes across like a logical and gorgeous extension of all the band’s previous dreams.

Consequence of Sound

Beach House is clearly ready to step out from the shadows and play timeless music intended for dreamers and romantics.

Slant Magazine

Like “Norway,” a mini masterpiece of vocal and musical interplay, Teen Dream boldly complies the subtle and the overt.


With ‘Teen Dream’, Scally and Legrand have created absorbing, atmospheric music that never strains for significance or seriousness, but is affecting all the same.

Coke Machine Glow

Teen Dream is just such a fantastic pop record because it never seems to try to be: it’s almost as if the duo had intended to make another mopey shoegazing affair and accidentally stumbled upon something transcendent.


It’s an incredibly rewarding listen, even if the self-observing anxiety that’s writ large throughout means it doesn’t quite reach the lofty heights to which its creators have bravely aspired.

No Ripcord

Even if there’s that wistful, pastoral-like imagery to their sound, much of the tracks stray to their own beats, in desperate search of distinction. Instead of modest waltzes and looped drum machines, there’s an evident maturity in the way the production unveils itself as richer and far more multifaceted.


‘Teen Dream’ suggests that this is a band with the rarest of touches, familiar in their frailty yet fathomless in their depths.


Baltimore-based dream-pop duo Beach House continues to master its craft of producing ethereal melodies and reverberating background instrumentation.

NOW Magazine

Whereas previous efforts embellished dark, distant slumber sounds, Teen Dream finds the duo maturing into friendly pop.

Drowned in Sound

It’s shot through with more than a handful of heartstoppingly wonderful moments, it vastly improves on the Devotion, and heralds the arrival as Legrand as one of the finest singers in modern indie.

Beats Per Minute

They’re refining their craft, producing some of their most bewitching material yet, but the rest of it feels like they’re merely spinning their wheels while they wait for more interesting ideas to come along.

FACT Magazine

Those looking for the next faintly interesting band from across the pond will be disappointed by Beach House’s muted sonic conservatism – much of Teen Dream props itself too readily upon a kind of medicated numbness

Mar 15, 2017*
The instrumentation is just jaw dropping. This may be one of the most unique dream pop albums I have ever heard. Reverb is way less prevalent here as Beach House relies on the synths and guitars instead. As a result, this album feels much more grounded than any of its contemporaries.

Best Tracks: Zebra, Walk in the Park, Used to Be, 10 Mile Stereo, Take Care
Worst Tracks: Real Love
Nov 3, 2017
Fantastic album. Simple, yet emotional and captivating. Beach House's most consistent record, and definitely their best. Zebra is the best, but Used to Be is the most underrated.
Sep 3, 2017
As compulsively listenable a dream pop record as you're ever likely to find, "Teen Dream" sure is an exciting album for something that comes off so laid-back initially. Going ten for ten on great tunes, each song seems like it must be the album highlight when you're listening to it. Impossibly rich and lush.
Dec 7, 2016
You require this record.