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Have One On Me is winding, long-winded, densely poetic, and often challenging; but never tedious or self-indulgent.


The best songs feel more like conversations rather than artworks to be hung on the wall and admired from several paces away. Newsom seems to sing from somewhere deep inside of them, and her earthy presence has a way of drawing you in, bringing you closer to her music than you've been before.


At its best, these songs have the feel of an intimate live performance; at their worst, they’re lovely, but exhausting. Have One on Me is quite a technical achievement, but since Newsom has proven she can do just about anything, next time she shouldn’t try to do everything.


It’s too bad really, that Have One on Me is so overdone because there’s a decent album hidden somewhere in there. It’s an album the Newsom we saw in 2006 would have found, formed, and made shine.

Oct 3, 2016
Too long? Who cares?
Jun 23, 2016
I've gotten over how long this album is. The songs are too beautiful
Sep 3, 2017
"Have I had a hand in your loneliness?"

I still need to go back through and give this album a full listen as it's been a long time since I've heard it all in one sitting, so this review is a bit of placeholder currently, but the presence of "Go Long" alone makes this an essential album for me. You can't really get any better than that song as far as break-up tunes/love ballads go.
May 20, 2017*
"Damn, Joanna! There's no way you can make a worthy follow-up to Ys unless you, like, record a triple album that's somehow more ambitious in range yet also more accessible in content or something!"

JN: "Hold my drink."
Mar 6, 2016*
Probably the most amazingly consistent triple LP ever made. Somehow Joanna makes her 2 hours of overwhelmingly beautiful lyrics not tire you out by the end. You could restart this thing right after it finishes. That's saying something for a 2 hour album.

Favorite Tracks: Baby Birch, Kingfisher, Have One on Me, Jackrabbits, Go Long, In California

Least Favorite: Ribbon Bows
Track List

Disc 1

  1. Easy
  2. Have One On Me
  3. '81
  4. Good Intentions Paving Company
  5. No Provenance
  6. Baby Birch

Disc 2

  1. On A Good Day
  2. You And Me, Bess
  3. In California
  4. Jackrabbits
  5. Go Long
  6. Occident

Disc 3

  1. Soft As Chalk
  2. Esme
  3. Autumn
  4. Ribbon Bows
  5. Kingfisher
  6. Does Not Suffice