MGMT - Congratulations

MGMT - Congratulations
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“I hope I die before I get sold,” quips MGMT towards the end of Congratulations. It’s a clever one-liner, belied more than a little by the band’s gold-certified, Grammy-recognized stature. That it comes during the heavily anticipated follow-up to a wildly successful debut feels bitingly sarcastic. That it comes halfway through “Siberian Breaks”, however—Congratulations’ prog-inflected, marathon-length center

piece—seems eerily appropriate. The song is the logical culmination of the album’s defiantly anti-commercial tendencies; embodied here, in these fiercely psychedelic 12 minutes and 10 seconds, is its staunch refusal to cater to fan expectations what MGMT is, was, or should be.

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Although it was an unusual move, there’s something noble about the way in which Klaxons reacted to Universal Records’ criticism of their proposed second album: they admitted the label was right. As bassist/falsetto man Jamie Reynolds fessed up to NME in March of last year, the dance-punk quartet had made “a really dense, psychedelic record,” and after meeting with the suits they came to realize it just wasn’t their forte. Whe

ther or not it was the right call remains to be heard — the fact that there’s still no release date on the thing might be a bad sign — but that’s not really the point. It’s just refreshing to hear that a successful pop band made the predictable attempt at grandiose Art, failed, and were willing to admit it before foisting their mistake on the rest of the world.

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knew about MGMT and the album for so long, but never listened to anything besides Electric Feel and Pieces of What. That was a mistake.
woah. that's how i can put this LP in one word. this was a refreshing shift from oracular spectacular, which was full of synth beats and repetitive hooks, the duo has a more classic feel, more guitars and drums while using their synthesizers as well. the lyrics and hooks were on point and had a great song-to-song flow.
fav tracks: it's working, flash delirium, bryan eno
least fav track: someone's missing
Back when I was first getting into MGMT, I loved 'Oracular' and played the hell out of it. I looked up this album only to find that a lot of people found it disappointing. I was skeptical, but I still checked it out. Of course, I was underwhelmed the first couple of listens, but I gave it another chance and that's when this album clicked HARD. I really respect these guys for wanting to progress and mature as a band instead of just make another 'Kids' or 'Electric Feel.' The production is ... read more
Siento que MGMT con Congratulations, hizo lo mejor que pudo, juntó todas sus fuerzas, para hacer algo con gusto a poco. Este álbum no te lleva a ningún lado, y solo consigue hacer un material fácil de olvidar, sí, la producción es exelente, y fue muy arriesgado cambiar su estética después del exitoso Oracular Espectacular, pero, cuando me pongo a escuchar este material, solo quiero sacarlo, porque se pone aburrido.
Underrated band, underrated sound, extremely underrated album.

Fav Tracks: It's working, Flash Delirium, Siberian Breaks, Brian Eno, Congratulations

Least Fav: Lady Dada's Nightmare
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April 13, 2010 / Release Date
LP / Format
Sony / Label
# 11 - American Songwriter
# 8 - Billboard
# 28 - DIY
# 3 - MOJO
# 19 - NME
# 39 - One Thirty BPM
# 10 - Q Magazine
# 26 - Rhapsody SoundBoard
# 20 - Spin
# 14 - Spinner
# 33 - Stereogum
# 37 - Under the Radar
# 21 - NPR Listeners (Mid Year)
Track List
  1. It's Working
  2. Song for Dan Treacy
  3. Someone's Missing
  4. Flash Delirium
  5. I Found a Whistle
  6. Siberian Breaks
  7. Brian Eno
  8. Lady Dada's Nightmare
  9. Congratulations
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