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LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening
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A.V. Club

Perhaps the rumor that this is his last LCD album is behind that newfound urgency. If true, it’s a shame, as the band’s Krautrock/Talking Heads-funk fusion has never sounded livelier.

No Ripcord

Wearing his love for Bowie on his sleeve for all to see serves him well - this album is the most lyrically focused LCD outing and the most uncompromising, with most songs breaking the six minute mark and a few breaking nine. It’s not just a great dance album; it’s a great pop album.

Entertainment Weekly

Golden-voiced Murphy ... doesn't try for any cheap Bowie-baritone vocal mimicry, and his lyrics and musicianship have greater depth and polish. The best inspiration should come with improvements, and Murphy's are vast.


Murphy and his crew are fully committed to this album. There’s a remarkable sustained energy to this collection; its electronic textures thrum and shimmy, and wall after sonic wall is built up and torn down with impeccable precision.


Even considering his bold-name touchstones for This Is Happening, it would be shortsighted to cry rip-off; Murphy is remaking essential 70s art-rock in his own hyper-modern, self-aware image.

Under The Radar

Somehow Murphy not only lives up to this self-imposed pressure, he revels in it. Each dip and twirl and change of pace clears the way for something even more exciting. It's roller coaster music.


As farewells go, this is proper fond. Sound of gold!

Beats Per Minute

While This is Happening isn’t as wall-to-wall brilliant as Sound of Silver, if it is indeed his last record with this project, he’s leaving his legacy in just as good of shape as Jay-Z left his with The Black Album before his (unfortunately temporary) retirement.


This Is Happening doesn’t quite reach the monumental heights of Sound of Silver, but it serves as an almost-there companion and further proof that LCD Soundsystem is one of the most exciting and interesting bands around in the 2000s.

Consequence of Sound

Sure LCD Soundsystem songs are fun, but they also make you question why they are fun, whether they are actually fun, what fun means, whether we can ever answer these questions, and whether when all is done, are you happy with what you’re doing. It’s meta-party music.

Drowned in Sound

If Sound of Silver was the sound of someone reaching far enough to make something just plain great, then This is Happening is the sound of a man with great taste who really understands music, making dumb body music with hidden depths if anyone cares to investigate.

Heading back to LCD Soundsystem just now only made me realize the type of fan I was of theirs back then. Sure, I could always find myself replaying select moments of genius off any of their albums, but me actually being able to stomach listening to their projects from front to back remain a complete blur.

For what it offers in its excessive length of rehashed material, This Is Happening remains as the biggest slog to get through in the band's career. Surprising as 65 minutes should not even be ... read more
A great progression with the original electronic rock sounds that were shown on Sound of Silver. Albeit This Is Happening is far from being as enjoyable as SOS, it has some great tunes, and slightly better songwriting on some tracks.

fav tracks: Dance Yrself Clean (standout, one of the best songs in their discography), Home, You Wanted A Hit, One Touch
Passing through my initial listens now. Was dubious about buying this one due to the writings of the musical literates who listed all the influences that this album draws from and claimed it was a bad thing. There's nothing LCD Sound-system has produced in the past that I did do not appreciate and enjoy. This album is nothing short.
Rock and roll are just cleaned up blues. Everything's been implemented and nothing's original. Shakespeare stole, so did Dylan, so did the Stones and the Beatles, ... read more
"popular now" well damn how about that. 7 years later and still standin. It sounds similar to his last music, with some bleepin and bloopin changed around, but the song ideas are mostly similar. Im ready for whatever his new albums gonna be like. Needs more cowbell, tho
This record is noticeably more melody driven than anything James Murphy and co. have done before but it does give as a bunch of very enjoyable tracks. Whilst not as entertaining or groovy as Sound of Silver, it's a fitting last record to a terrific discography.

Best Tracks: Dance Yrself Clean, Drunk Girls, One Touch, You Wanted A Hit, Home
Worst Tracks: Somebody's Calling Me
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Track List
  1. Dance Yrself Clean
  2. Drunk Girls
  3. One Touch
  4. All I Want
  5. I Can Change
  6. You Wanted a Hit
  7. Pow Pow
  8. Somebody's Calling Me
  9. Home