Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma
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2010 Rank: #9 / 832
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May 4, 2010 / Release Date
LP / Format
Warp / Label
Flying Lotus / Producer
Electronic / Genres / Website
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A.V. Club

Flying Lotus reaches into the past in order to create something clearly of the future – a hybridized work that challenges others to follow its dazzling blueprint.


Flying Lotus, much like Yorke, Greenwood & Co., has made a definitive summary of a decade’s worth of advances in electronic music, a release that transcends genre and deserves to become a glorified phenomena by those who experience it.

Nov 2, 2017
Flying Lotus has maintained the status of a genius producer for a while now to me, and he has cemented this current status of his with two genius works: 2010's Cosmogramma and 2014's You're Dead. Both of these albums sound unlike any album released this decade, as they immerse listeners into completely different worlds. Cosmogramma comes off as particularly intriguing to me as it puts me into a mood that is simply unique: it transports me to a futuristic and space-like world that I could live ... read more
Aug 31, 2017
Aug 29, 2017
This album is incredible. It sounds like it was created in another fucking dimension. Flying Lotus creates an album that is so fucking abstract it sounds like it was made by god damn aliens. AND WHAT THE FUCK MY DUDE FLYLO SAMPLES A PING PONG TABLE LMFAO I LOVE THIS SHIT. Fantastic piece of music.
Apr 2, 2017
Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma

1. Clock Catcher: 80/100
2. Pickled!: 80/100
3. Nose Art: 85/100
4. Intro//A Cosmic Drama: 80/100
5. Zodiac Shit: 100/100
6. Computer Face//Pure Being: 90/100
7. And The World Laughs With You (feat. Thom Yorke): 90/100
8. Arkestry: 80/100
9. MmmHmm (feat. Thundercat): 90/100
10. Do the Astral Plane: 90/100
11. Satelllliiiiiteee: 89/100
12. German Haircut: 80/100
13. Recoiled: 80/100
14. Dance of the Pseudo Nymph: 80/100
15. Drips//Auntie's Harp: 80/100
16. Table ... read more
Nov 21, 2016
Completely unexpected. One of the most gorgeous and inventive albums I've ever listened to. This is an artist that could [and did] sample a table tennis match. In my opinion completely unmatched as far as production.

Just try closing your eyes in a dark room, and giving this album a full spin. Every track is a whole new world. There's something new to be heard and discovered on every listen.

AOTY 2010
Track List
  1. Clock Catcher
  2. Pickled!
  3. Nose Art
  4. Intro//A Cosmic Drama
  5. Zodiac Shit
  6. Computer Face//Pure Being 
  7. And The World Laughs With You (feat. Thom Yorke) 
  8. Arkestry
  9. MmmHmm (feat. Thundercat)
  10. Do the Astral Plane 
  11. Satelllliiiiiteee 
  12. German Haircut 
  13. Recoiled
  14. Dance of the Pseudo Nymph
  15. Drips//Auntie's Harp
  16. Table Tennis (feat. Laura Darlington)
  17. Galaxy in Janaki