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Bethany Cosentino, until recently, was part of an obscure California-based psychedelia outift called Pocahaunted. Although to some extent they rose to popularity, it's incomparable to the success Cosentino has already achieved under the more streamlined pop direction of Best Coast in the space of just over a year.


Scene-famous boyfriends, a quote-generating Twitter feed, scuffles with bloggers, and the most meme-generating feline since Keyboard Cat got carpal tunnel: Yeah, it's safe to say Bethany Cosentino, who writes and records with cohort Bobb Bruno as Best Coast, is a long way away from her days as a member of drone/psych outfit Pocahaunted. Best Coast's full-length debut, Crazy for You, serves only to increase that distance from the outré-music scene; the brief record delivers on the promise of a strong string of singles released over the past year. Just as Pocahaunted loosely capture the basic feel of dub and reggae, Crazy for You is a meditation on the stickier hooks of classic indie pop, with slight detours into surf-rock ("Bratty B") and countrypolitan balladry ("Our Deal"). While Pocahaunted cover their signifiers under piles of static and delay-triggered noise, Best Coast take the opposite route, slathering honey over every song and letting them drip-dry in the sunshine.


To hear Best Coast’s throwback indie-pop, it can be hard to tell whether frontwoman Bethany Cosentino is an old-fashioned hopeless romantic or a Twitter-era AD/HD flirt, the blogosphere’s it-girl of the moment. As a songwriter, Cosentino has a command of the necessary elements that go into pop songs that could stand the test of time, while having a good sense of what’s current musically and culturally. You can hear her keen grasp of past and present on the title track of Crazy for You and on the doo-woppy “The End”, both of which sound like Cosentino and collaborator Bobb Bruno could’ve sampled the “oohs” and “ahhs” from an obscure 1960s compilation, then posted ‘em straight on their MySpace page. So while the debut album’s stories and aesthetic are familiar enough, there’s something about Best Coast’s take on unrequited love and burning yearning that’s refreshing and in the here-and-now.

Drowned in Sound

There’s a great scene in Twilight: New Moon where Bella sits by her window waiting for her drippy goth-vampire boyfriend Edward. She sits in her chair and waits. Months go by, and the camera slowly pans around her, not moving. Elsewhere in the movie she awakes screaming, so tortured is she to be apart from her beloved. It didn’t take me long to picture Crazy For You - the debut album by west-coaster Bethany Cosentino, formerly of Pocahaunted, now of Best Coast – as a kind of alternative, reverb-drenched soundtrack to the perpetually chaste Twilight series. The sheer quantity of longing on this album positively soaks the speakers, almost every track a paean to forbidden and lost love.

Dec 26, 2016
It's a little hard to explain what it is exactly about this album, but these ultra-simple indie pop songs aren't just charming and catchy -- they capture a very specific mood in a way that peer albums really don't. It's more than enough to get me to forgive the fact that like five songs rhyme crazy with lazy.
Dec 20, 2015
yes, this is what california sounds like.
Dec 8, 2014
The album has a couple of nice tracks, but I found it very dull and samey. There wasn't really anything that really stood out to me. It just sounds like a generic indie pop band from California.

Favourite tracks: Boyfriend, When I'm With You
Nov 16, 2014
Tom Simmons
Fav Tracks: When The Sun Don't Shine, Happy, Each And Every Day

Least Fav: The End
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July 27, 2010 / Release Date
LP / Format
Mexican Summer / Label
Indie Pop / Genres
bestcoast.us / Website
# 5 - Complex
# 27 - Consequence of Sound
# 24 - musicOMH
# 27 - NME
# 22 - No Ripcord
# 8 - NOW Magazine
# 39 - Pitchfork
# 18 - PopMatters
# 14 - Prefix
# 14 - Spin
# 6 - Spinner
# 27 - Under the Radar
# 20 - AoTY 2010
Track List

  1. Boyfriend 
  2. Crazy for You 
  3. The End 
  4. Goodbye 
  5. Summer Mood 
  6. Our Deal 
  7. I Want To 
  8. When The Sun Don't Shine 
  9. Bratty B 
  10. Honey 
  11. Happy 
  12. Each and Everyday