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Drowned in Sound

When I was at university my friend and I would play each other music constantly, usually accompanied by a Super Nintendo, a worn copy of Mario Kart and countless rolled up cigarettes. We had this running joke where every so often one of us would put on Grandaddy’s ‘Underneath the Weeping Willow’, leading us to engage in various stages of mock grief, staunching the imaginary tears that coursed down our cheeks. Of course, this wasn’t the only song that brought about such a reaction, and it wasn’t really a joke as such; more us amusing ourselves while tacitly recognising its parent album The Sophtware Slump as one of the saddest and most beautiful of the previous decade.


The promotional materials for Perfume Genius' Learning show the project's sole member, 26-year-old Seattle resident Mike Hadreas, shirtless and with a black eye. It's as evocative an image as the Strokes wearing leather jackets and Velvet Underground t-shirts or Animal Collective wearing tribal masks. The songs on Hadreas' full-length debut are eviscerating and naked, with heartbreaking sentiments and bruised characterizations delivered in a voice that ranges from an ethereal croon to a slightly cracked warble. The production value is lo-fi, although not in a staticky, antagonistic way. Instead, the crude recording adds intimacy, to the point where you can hear Hadreas' feet on the pedals of the piano that plays a central role in many of his songs. This music sounds personal.


Little is known about what caused 26-year-old Mike Hadreas, aka Perfume Genius, to leave New York and head back to Seattle to live with his mum. But his debut album, Learning, gives a fair indication that his experiences were pretty bleak. Learning is an unremittingly sad record, one that almost suffocates the listener with its own melancholia; and yet there's also something strangely inspirational in its 10 piano-led hymns to failing and trying again.

Jun 21, 2017
While there are solid songs that show great promise the album as a whole doesn't carry the superior strength of tracks like Look Out, Look Out, Mr. Peterson or the title track. The collection is padded out by sub-standard recordings that are too heavy on atmosphere. The production hinders the little moments of brilliance that are hiding under the surface. Perfume Genius' latter work is considerably stronger.
Feb 19, 2016
Fav Track: Mr. Peterson
Jun 20, 2015
A sweet, little album that includes some very promising songwriting. I just felt that the production worked against the music overall.

Favourite tracks: Lookout Lookout, Gay Angels
Oct 21, 2014
Periodically I go through a phase where I fall enamored over recording debuts. Record store clerks will often scoff when I express my desire to collect such releases. Well, Mike Hadreas' "Learning" is one of those debuts that has me eager for more. A beautiful record. Poignant and delicate. The nuance of the whole is what leaves me with a glow afterwords. Pop for what it is, it is no less enjoyable and rewarding. In fact, it's the richness of "Learning" that has ... read more
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