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Ravedeath, 1972
Tim Hecker - Ravedeath, 1972
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2011 Ratings: #6 / 892
Year End Rank: #33
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2011 Ratings: #10
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It's certainly among his most concentrated and well crafted works - the best since Harmony In Ultraviolet and arguably the most successful of them all.

No Ripcord

The record is awash with the feeling of isolation and teaming with crushing amplified annihilation.


The notion of music as a cheapened, battered object, touches nearly every aspect of Ravedeath, 1972, a dark and often claustrophobic record that is arguably Hecker's finest work to date.


Ravedeath, 1972 is so amorphous and ungraspable this way that it ranks as Hecker’s most disorienting record, and therefore, perhaps, his scariest.

Dec 14, 2017
Music that immerses listeners into foggy realms that go to places never before explored.
Nov 3, 2016
My favourite of all of Mr. Hecker's albums thus far. From Blissful soundscapes to Drones riddled with Glitch this album will never achieve any sort of commercial success but as with most great music only a select few get to relish it. I'm grateful to be one of these few.
Mar 14, 2016*
Tim Hecker does such a nice job with his entire discography. It's so impressive how much time and effort he puts into each release, and yet still manages to put out a new album every couple years. Ravedeath, 1972 is such an important project of his, as it really marks his final and most impressive output of that particular era. Virgins is new ground for him, and Ravedeath is the magnificent opus to his previous sound.

Favorite Track: In the Air I, Hatred of Music I
Nov 17, 2014
Tom Simmons
Fav Tracks: The Piano Drop, In The Fog I, In The Fog II, Analog Paralysis 1978, Studio Suicide, In The Air II, In The Air I, In The Air III
Jul 1, 2014
Tim Hecker's Ravedeath, 1972 builds a captivating story filled with serenity and masochism, as there are moments on the album where bipolar textures collide and ascend that result in something hauntingly beautiful.
Track List
  1. The Piano Drop 
  2. In the Fog: I 
  3. In the Fog: II 
  4. In the Fog: III 
  5. No Drums 
  6. Hatred of Music: I 
  7. Hatred of Music: II 
  8. Analog Paralysis, 1978 
  9. Studio Suicide, 1980 
  10. In the Air: I 
  11. In the Air: II 
  12. In the Air: III
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