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Foil Deer
Speedy Ortiz - Foil Deer
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Based on 22 reviews
2015 Ratings: #92 / 742
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Based on 131 ratings
2015 Ratings: #138
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A snarling, twisted, mischievous creation, ‘Foil Deer’ is a leaping, high-spirited joy of a record.


‘Foil Deer’ sees Dupuis draw an emphatic line under her past ache for acceptance, angling her angst into sharp bursts of wiry college rock targeting the “riddle-rousing cowards” who made her that way.

No Ripcord

With Foil Deer, the band show more strings to their bows than they have with any of their previous releases.

The Line of Best Fit

This album makes you work, forces you to hit repeat not to relive sweet, instantly gratifying thrills, but to let it root into your brain to understand it better. 

Consequence of Sound

Dupuis and Speedy Ortiz walk along intersections effortlessly: now and then, power and fragility, intricate poetry and direct prose, pain and pleasure. Foil Deer does this as well as their excellent debut, but also takes some risks in its growth.

Pretty Much Amazing

The band’s strengths are all the same, but they’ve been developed, and their focus seems to have stabilized and sharpened.


Foil Deer never seems out of focus. Dupuis’ voice as a songwriter is growing more captivating with every release, her songs’ direction streamlined without growing predictable.


Song for song, this is some of Speedy Ortiz's best work yet.


There’s enough on Foil Deer to show that Sadie Dupuis and Speedy Ortiz can be the captain and the boss of this generation of indies.

Drowned in Sound

With its genre manipulation and intensely poetic, socially aware lyrics, Foil Deer is a stronger, more assertive record with more to say for itself. 

Alternative Press

From the mangled hip-hop grooves of “Puffer” and the grimy guitar acrobatics on “Raising The Skate” to the screeching noise jags lurching through “Homonovus,” Foil Deer is a meticulous collection which deconstructs convention.


As the band continues to evolve around and with her, Speedy Ortiz’s music finally sounds as complex as its leader dares to be.

A.V. Club

Even if Speedy Ortiz isn’t afraid to take chances, its strength still lies in ’90s-minded indie rock that’s become its calling card. For the slackers of the world, that’s good enough.


Growing pains haunt some of the deeper cuts, stalling on mid-tempo attempts at maturation that, while admirable, don’t further their songwriting craft in the way they would have hoped.


Foil Deer isn’t an easy listen but it is a compelling one.

Rolling Stone

Foil Deer is an upswing from the listless cynicism that clouded their 2013 breakout, Major Arcana: This time, Dupuis and fellow guitarist Devin McKnight take charge.


There was a sense that this record would be Speedy Ortiz's great leap forward. Instead, we get some tentative baby steps in the right direction, as the band settle for just really good instead of truly great.


Winging away from Major Arcana‘s dark, tense pockets ... stretches Speedy Ortiz thin at times on Foil Deer. But Dupuis doesn’t care.

Under The Radar

It's difficult, ambitious, and very diverse. And while it's fun to see such a promising band trying to make big leaps, Foil Deer only succeeds when Sadie Dupuis and company stick to their roots.

Loud and Quiet

Some of the instinctive live energy of previous releases is lost amidst the precision and tracks could do with being rougher around the edges.

Mar 21, 2016
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Dec 5, 2015
Speedy Ortiz prove to be a worthwhile act by following up their debut with something pretty ambitious. Things are a lot noisier this time around with more distorted guitars and rawer production. There's even a grunge feel to this record. More specifically similar to 'In Utero' for the overall dark tone of the record. They've already set themselves apart from the debut with a captivating sound, but I can't really say that the songwriting is as tight or consistent. There's a handful of songs that ... read more
Sep 27, 2015
A smart, savvy record that happened upon me by complete surprise. Several spins later and I'm still digging the sound. This band will get better with time!
Jun 12, 2015
An overall solid indie rock album. Almost every song transitions well into the next, and there are no true weak tracks. Dupois's lyrics are sharp and incisive. It's an album that doesn't instantly gratify you, but becomes better with each listen.
May 10, 2015
Foil Deer suena a viejo y a nuevo, a una joven banda siguiendo sus influencias con la búsqueda de sonar frescos, con esa esencia a banda de garage que se presenta en el baile de graduación, por ser los únicos músicos del grupo. El sonido infaltable en esos momentos, que se queda y no busca irse, letras representativas del fin de la diversión, o fin del siclo, que Speedy Ortiz lo intensifica, con un sonido sencillo, despreocupados por innovarse, como cuando ... read more

Added on: January 21, 2015