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Full Communism
Downtown Boys - Full Communism
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2015 Ratings: #74 / 742
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2015 Ratings: #270
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This is protest music you can dance to – a beautiful, volatile chaos where hope, rage and social justice anthems collide.
You'd have to go back to the MC5 to find a band that combined purposeful rage and passionate rock & roll energy as well as Downtown Boys.

This is the relentless effect of Full Communism: an album that makes you think, an album that urges you to take action, an album encompassed by an energy that cannot be summarized.

Downtown Boys insist that nothing's going to change unless people actually get up and do something, and they've offered a soundtrack that makes positive action feel both attainable and liberating.
Rolling Stone
The group's first full-length album flies by in a boisterous, intoxicating rush, 24 minutes of saxophone-laced noise and radical slogans.
Jun 14, 2016
This sounded like there was music playing in the background while my Wifes Cunt friend was yelling and bitching about her boyfriend and why she doesn't understand why he insists on washing his clothes with Anti-Irritant Soap. "Yeah, I know he has a condition, but can't he just be normal" yeah, Couldn't handle her voice. Kind of would rather beat my head against a spike. Music behind her wasn't that bad though. What Little you could hear when she took breaths to go on about how she ... read more
Dec 17, 2015
The energy is off the charts on this angry, politically-charged album. It's hardcore punk at it's best. The songs are very brief and the performances are insanely over-the-top, but they definitely do stick out by incorporating a saxophone as one of the leads. These guys also sure do know how to make a cover sound as passionate as the original.

Favourite tracks: Break a Few Eggs, Monstro, Poder Elegir
Track List
  1. Wave Of History
  2. Santa
  3. 100% Inheritance Tax
  4. Tall Boys
  5. Break a Few Eggs
  6. (Brown and Smart)
  7. Monstro
  8. Desde Arriba
  9. Future Police
  10. Traders
  11. Poder Elegir
  12. Dancing In The Dark
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Added on: March 10, 2015