Dark Energy
Jlin - Dark Energy
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2015 Rank: #18 / 741
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Tiny Mix Tapes

By prioritizing rhythm over hooks, by turning away from looped vocal samples and toward a starker, more tensile vocabulary of snares and strings, Dark Energy immediately sounds like a benchmark, an outlier in terms of minimalist abstraction and intensity.


Throw it onto the list of recent albums, like Heems’ Eat Pray Thug and Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly, that take personal, political and temporal stock of our lives and refuse to be one-dimensional in chronicling these experiences.

Resident Advisor
Jlin has plenty to say, and she has a remarkably strong and distinctive voice with which to say it.
The Guardian
As Burial is to dubstep, Jlin is an artist who belongs to her genre, but has an eye on where it could go next.

Tense, thrilling, and a bit frightening, Dark Energy is simply one of the most compelling debut albums of 2015.

Jun 10, 2015
pure fire
Apr 17, 2015
I've had a hard time getting into musicians described as "footwork" over the past couple of years, but this is the first record that has made me start to appreciate it. To me, the most appealing aspects of this album are the ridiculously complex and jittery rhythms, the creative use of samples and the occasional blood-pumping beat drop.
Feb 7, 2017
I find this album to be incredibly weak because it fails to create a truly entertaining experience for me. There are good ideas in this album, but Jlin does not know how to use these good ideas, and ends up overstretching these ideas, to a point in which the tracks become stale and dull. There are some tracks that are truly abominations here, like the tracks in the second half of this album, that don't have good ideas, but Jlin thinks that these ideas are good, so he makes these terrible ideas ... read more
May 8, 2015
ドス黒いFOOTWORKにOneohtrix Point Neverのグリッチ感とPC Musicのプラスティック感を掛け合わせた不思議な一枚。母性すら感じさせるしなやかな音像は、このアーティストが女性と聞いてなんとなく納得。
Track List
  1. Black Ballet
  2. Unknown Tongues
  3. Guantanamo
  4. Erotic Heat
  5. Black Diamond
  6. Mansa Musa
  7. Infrared (Bagua)
  8. Ra
  9. Expand
  10. So High
  11. Abnormal Restriction
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