Julia Holter - Ekstasis
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2012 Rank: #32 / 929
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Ekstasis is not the sort of oceanic wash you lose yourself in; instead, Holter's music has a way of snapping tiny moments and small sonic gestures into focus.

Beats Per Minute

Ekstasis is a challenging listen, but a rewarding one. It’s fiercely experimental and aggressively unfamiliar. Yet it’s an album that doesn’t try to intimidate or hide within its unfamiliarity.

The 405

It’s an album that shows a mentality shift rather than a stylistic one, but its a shift that has taken a good artist and made her great.


The reward that her music offers is substantial, as Ekstasis is one of the most unusual and unprecedented indie pop albums to come along in quite awhile.


Although it’s possible to find minor disappointments and flaws in Ekstasis’ skilfully woven tapestry, this should not obscure Holter’s manifest talents.

FACT Magazine

Ekstasis sounds cleaner than its predecessor, Holter’s pop sensibilities and craft more sharply defined.

No Ripcord

Ekstasis abounds with originality and depth; soars and sinks; expands and implodes; evolves and dissipates; crackles and breaks all within one cohesive sound.


Forget chart positions or blog hype: ‘Ekstasis’ reminds us that music can mean so much more. 

Drowned in Sound

Ekstasis revels in the ‘open-ear decisions’ of its architect, winding its way along paths both sepulchral and ascendant, often in the same song. 

Consequence of Sound

Holter has crafted an album that reflects her unique vision, though it fails to captivate the whole way through.

Jun 2, 2016
I've always said I love this album but after listening to it just now... I'm not sure if I actually like it as an album or just because it's Julia Holter. "Ekstasis" is an interesting, subtle album, but perhaps a bit too subtle: it's hard to properly engage with, and only small features of each song are memorable. Perhaps I'll change my mind on this album again in the future but for now I'm not so sure.

Highlights: "Moni Mon Amie", "This Is Ekstasis"
Oct 1, 2015
It's like one of those dreams you instantly forget as you wake up. There's just nothing to grab on to under all the cloudy atmosphere created on here.

Favourite tracks: Marienbad, Moni mon amie
Sep 28, 2015
Her poetry shines among sparse, almost ambient instrumentals on this record, rarely manifesting itself as a true gem, despite its undeniable potential and Julia Holter's high musical intellingence that shows up throughout the album's lenght. There are some interesting and creative moments in Ekstasis, most of them in the form of obtuse and very contained, subtle soundscapes (maybe too subtle sometimes) that bring out all of the Kate Bush influences on her work. The later half sounds slightly ... read more
Jan 6, 2013
Another example of the glorious fusion of natural and electronic sounds we're hearing from all directions these days. This is what I like to think of as graduate student music. Mature, complex, and beautiful.

Added on: February 2, 2012