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The Money Store
Death Grips - The Money Store
Critic Score
Based on 21 reviews
2012 Ratings: #21 / 929
Year End Rank: #16
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Based on 561 ratings
2012 Ratings: #4
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Drowned in Sound

It is a Death Grips record, simple as; a completely successful experiment in isolating artistry from external pressures to produce an artefact that will inform pioneers-to-come.

No Ripcord

The Money Store might be the very definition of acquired taste, and will most likely alienate the vast majority who attempt to give it a spin, but it's undeniably an extraordinary record.

The Skinny

A blistering, feral and intense second album from a band who show no signs of selling out.

The Line of Best Fit

The Money Store is a tense and violently energising record which is relentlessly unforgiving – if anyone doesn’t get it then they’re left in the musical dark ages, such is its game-changing majesty.

The Needle Drop
I got got got got got.
Pretty Much Amazing

These tracks work best when they invade your headspace, not your airspace. You want to get close to these tracks to admire the handiwork of producer Flatlander, who shines on The Money Store even more than he did on Death Grips excellent 2011 mixtape Exmilitary. It’s exquisite stuff, delivered with a sledgehammer.

Beats Per Minute

Despite the unwelcoming persona, repeated listens will uncover an embarrassment of spine-tingling details and hidden corners that any headphone enthusiast will revel in.

Tiny Mix Tapes

Death Grips have managed to situate themselves in a unique and peculiar territory in which they are both peerless and able to appeal to fans of almost everything.

The 405

The Money Store thrusts countless adjectives towards the listener. It's eccentric, confrontational, disorientating. Crucially, however, it's fresh.


‘The Money Store’ is a modern, breathing nightmare. It’s hyper real hip-hop made just in time for the end of the world.


Sometimes this hands-off approach backfires, but Death Grips have actual designs to be left to, and The Money Store is a million-mph blur of ideas.

A.V. Club

The Money Store is simultaneously fun and torturous, just melodic enough to keep listeners on board even as its extremes border on cruel. 

Coke Machine Glow

The Money Store isn’t the kind of thing that rewards repeated listening, it rewards those listens the same way any disposable, temporary rush rewards the brain. It is nothing more—or less—than just a great, fun record.


The Money Store, fits into modern hip-hop like a square peg on fire, a 40-minute straitjacket tantrum of vein-popping, slow-flow barks closer to Helmet's Page Hamilton than Harlem's Charles Hamilton.


The Money Store is an important record that's also compelling, loaded with kinetic blows against the empire and fully stuffed with that attractive maverick spirit.


Certainly it’s far from an easy listen, and only those familiar with their earlier catalogue will be able to pick it up right away.

Consequence of Sound

The trio’s very existence depends on toeing a line between maintaining rap’s brooding thuggish-ness without overpowering it with their dubstep-inspired aesthetic.


It’s hard to glean any sense of intention, let alone manifesto, from the lyrics, and the manner in which it’s presented is, in the end, alienating.


Essentially, The Money Store is pseudo-intellectual music for non-hip hop fans. It attempts to present a curious combination of genre-bending ideas, yet falls into a very simple category of poorly executed shock rap.

Nov 15, 2017
get get get get got got got got!!!!!... ohohohohohohohohoh i'm crying and sweeting my ass out <3
Jan 2, 2015*
"Olviden las letras... esto suena genial" <<Anthony Fantano>>
May 18, 2014
Death Grips follow up their fantastic debut with another game-changing release. The shock factor isn't nearly as high as it was in 'Exmilitary,' but this is still just insanely catchy and balls to the wall the whole way through.

Favourite tracks: Get Got, The Fever, Hacker
Nov 6, 2017
This is the album that renewed my interest in music and sparked my love of Death Grips. Nearly every track on The Money Store is catchy, yet brutal and harsh. I love every minute of it. The tracks that I enjoy the most are The Fever, Lost Boys,Hustle Bones, I've seen Footage, and The Cage.
Oct 16, 2017
To be frank, when this album came out i thought this shit was utter garbage. However, the numerous times i listen to this it started to grow more and more. This was my first introduction to the self acclaimed underground hip-hop Death grips. This is perhaps top 10 favourite albums of all time for me. I love how this albums feels more paranoid and off the chain and grabs your attention just by the first track alone. One of the most intoxicating music experience, i ever had. If people want to ... read more
Track List
  1. Get Got 
  2. The Fever (Aye Aye) 
  3. Lost Boys 
  4. Blackjack 
  5. Hustle Bones 
  6. I've Seen Footage 
  7. Double Helix 
  8. System Blower 
  9. The Cage 
  10. Punk Weight 
  11. Fuck That 
  12. Bitch Please 
  13. Hacker

Added on: March 19, 2012