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Take the Kids Off Broadway
Foxygen - Take the Kids Off Broadway
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2012 Ratings: #90
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Broadway is fun and boisterous and consciously difficult to discern, like the sugary fuzz stuck between oldies stations.

Consequence of Sound

It’s got that first-take impulsiveness to it, full of tics and eccentricities, and that lack of pretention lets us see Foxygen as the characters they truly are.

Oct 11, 2014*
Revivalism done in the most imaginable way possible.

I'll be blunt. I think this modern obsession for recreating eras of the past as much as possible is what's making this decade of music fairly uninteresting compared to others. I'm not really sure why it's so common to hear a record in this style come off as so lifeless and dull when you apply a past blueprint that was certainly successful before. Foxygen's debut, Take the Kids Off Broadway, is one of the few records in that category I ... read more
Jun 29, 2017
This is one of those occasions in which I cannot like the album or EP because of the recording. I do appreciate lo-fi music and the ideas that Foxygen are presenting to their listeners here, but I personally consider the recording to just be way too rough. I appreciate the ideas here, especially with the shifting songs here, but these ideas aren't always executed in the best way possible.
Track List
  1. Abandon My Toys 
  2. Make It Known 
  3. Take The Kids Off Broadway 
  4. Waitin' 4 U 
  5. Teenage Alien Blues 
  6. Why Did I Get Married? 
  7. Middle School Dance (Song for Richard Swift)
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