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The Guardian

Virtually every instrument is caked in distortion, but not the warm, familiar fuzz of an overdriven amplifier. It feels digital, alien, the sound of modern machines going wrong. All this is underpinned by genuinely great songwriting. 

Pretty Much Amazing

Lonerism is more fully realized than its predecessor, which may have resulted in some unpredictable obscurity being thrown by the wayside.

A.V. Club

Where the debut broke its sound into episodic chunks, Tame Impala now finds a singular sound in the cross-section of timeless pop and psychedelia. 


You feel small while listening to Lonerism, but in a way that makes you appreciate how man, machine, and Mother Nature can harmonize.


An album that’s likely to appeal to fifty quid blokes who’ll dig the retro influences, people to whom the term ‘chillwave’ actually means something, dance fans and everyone in between.

The 405

Only two albums into their careers as Tame Impala, they've birthed a record on the precipice of their personal perfection.


This combination gives Lonerism the best of both worlds, allowing it the creative freedom to emerge as one of the most impressive albums of the home-recording era while still feeling superbly refined.


Sounds phase in and out, drums thunder, guitars chime with warm, valve amp bite, voices are multi-tracked into luscious harmonies, snatched sentences of speech burble in the background, loops repeat and vocals echo distantly, like they’re drifting in from a radio in another room.

No Ripcord

This album is incredibly intriguing and was executed beautifully. 

The Line of Best Fit

Sonic exploration is the name of the game on this album, making it a real treat with headphones.


‘Lonerism’ is an absolutely amazing and inspiring record. Its arrival is an exciting time for music in general because it is truly “cosmic” pop.


Jinking together the familiar, hallucinogen-fuelled guitar strums and splashed-out lyrics of debut first album, ‘Lonerism’, hits a more dejected nerve.


Where Innerspeaker aspired to impress us at every turn, Lonerism is much more discreet and less concerned with being as seductive as possible. This album is more confident in itself, preferring to offer songs that grow on you rather than immediately instigate enthusiasm.

Beats Per Minute

This album is meditative, layered and confident, simultaneously cooler and more temperate than its predecessor.

Under The Radar

Arrangements explode or implode, meticulous vocal melodies rub up against perverse sonic sensibilities, genres are hopped, and fidelity is determined by the pure haste of getting ideas down.


For all the alienation implied by the album's continually warping and waving center of gravity, there are colors here brighter than a child's watercolor rainbow.


Lonerism takes you out of yourself, yet somehow deep within yourself, to lay a bedrock of familiar and warming sounds.

Tiny Mix Tapes

It may not break much new ground, certainly not for instrumentation or other reasons given, but it’s one of the most solid albums all year. To hate it really would be extraordinary.

Drowned in Sound

Even if at times there's a feeling Parker's trying to cram too many ideas into one piece, it's a record that will undoubtedly be used as a benchmark for guitar music of the near future.

The Fly

‘Lonerism’ commits neither to pop nor blissed-out transcendence. Instead, a joyous sense of imagination proves to be its own reward.


Just when you’re tempted to discount the record for style-over-substance tendencies, Parker’s lyrics prove to be the half-hidden heart of it all.

NOW Magazine

Immersive, textural and deceptive, it draws you in with warm reverb and dreamy melodies until you suddenly realize you've been zoning out, lost in the spacious drift.


While Lonerism does feel a bit more expansive, utilizing even more of mixer Dave Fridmann’s fancy effects pedals and studio wizardry, it uses those tools to delve even further inward.

Consequence of Sound

With Lonerism, Tame Impala have doubled down on the kaleidoscopic refractions of their debut. The melodies are clearer, pushed up in the mix, given agency by their immediacy.

My first album review. It’s only right that I review the album that has my favorite songs of my favorite band. Tame Impala’s Lonerism is not a masterpiece. And don’t expect me to throw that word around when reviewing any album. There’s few to none masterpieces out there in my amateur opinion. But what do I know?

This album was a step up from their previous one and I have to give it lots of credit for a few reasons. Lead singer, Kevin Parker, struggled with the ... read more
Too good, seriously. It's pretty much a perfectly put together album--every melody, rhythm, breakdown, and vocal feels like it's exactly where it should be, and even if Lonerism doesn't necessarily have a song that will go down as one of the decade's best, as an album I think it will rest solidly in the top 5. This definitely belongs in the Pantheon.
After the relaes of the single "Solitude is bliss", Kevin decides to take things further with the album named Lonerism. He clearly had time for himself when making this LP

Fav: Endors toi, Keep on Lying, Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control
First thing I thought about this album is this is how John Lennon would sound if he was still making albums.
There are kids out there that will whine about being from the wrong generation. This is one of those albums I want to wave in their faces and say, "NO you were not."
The sounds of the 60s are alive and well, and tame Impala sounds like the Beatles if they never evolved after a revolver and that is not a bad thing. Most of the songs are catchy and you'll wake up with them stuck in your head even if you have not listened to the album for a while. Keep on Lying, apocalypse dreams, seems ... read more
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Track List
  1. Be Above It 
  2. Endors Toi 
  3. Apocalypse Dreams 
  4. Mind Mischief 
  5. Music to Walk Home By 
  6. Why Won't They Talk to Me? 
  7. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards 
  8. Keep on Lying 
  9. Elephant 
  10. She Just Won't Believe Me 
  11. Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control 
  12. Sun's Coming Up
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