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Remain in Light
Talking Heads - Remain in Light
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Even without a single, Remain in Light was a hit, indicating that Talking Heads were connecting with an audience ready to follow their musical evolution, and the album was so inventive and influential, it was no wonder.


What could you possibly get when you mix David Byrne's passions with Brian Eno's swirling darkness and top it all off with a big glass o funk? Possibly the greatest album of all time.

Rolling Stone
The Heads had already mastered minimalist funk, but here they built jams around thick, slurred rhythms, with additional musical contributions from producer Brian Eno.
Slant Magazine

With Remain In Light, Talking Heads took what was being increasingly regarded as a generally cerebral extension of punk and turned it into something far more global in musical and lyrical scope.

Aug 11, 2016
From the very beginning of their career, Talking Heads open-heartedly aimed to develop that very own sound identity that struck the post-punk amorphous face with the groovy and energic elements of dance-music and funk, and after a brief series of amazing releases, the group finally reached their seventh heaven with the jaw-dropping Remain in Light, an album that sounds as inexplicably overwhelming as it sounds fun, a work of art that is at the same time viceral but meticulously calculated, both ... read more
Apr 6, 2016
How delightfully has the third world conquered the first one!
Expanding, poly-rhythmic rays cover the facades and dance on every roof, before they complete their ritual with a mortal jump among the skyscrapers.
Nov 14, 2017
Nov 3, 2017
Solid album. A little repetitive at times (The Great Curve, Born Under Punches), but super funky and unique. Super enjoyable, tons of influence in LCD Soundsystem.
Apr 19, 2017
After several listenings (few weeks I think) I'm a bit disappointed :

+ excellent songwriting
+ Fine crafting
+ Interesting texture ...
+ Pretty fresh ...

- ... But use the same formula thought the tracks (bziouuuugh + guitar sounds)
- ... But some sounds and vocals are a bit aged

The approach is interesting and there're huge qualities that seem to perdure in some more recent groups.

Unfortunaly, I'm not born before 80's, so I'm not nostalgic and this is evident that it aged a little. ... read more
Track List
  1. Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On) 
  2. Crosseyed And Painless 
  3. The Great Curve 
  4. Once In A Lifetime 
  5. Houses in Motion 
  6. Seen And Not Seen 
  7. Listening Wind 
  8. The Overload
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