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Arca - Mutant
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2015 Ratings: #88 / 742
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2015 Ratings: #126
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His second album is maelstrom of unresolved differences and pluralities, yet in accentuating these differences and pluralities rather than forcing them to compromise with each other, he’s crafted a record to get lost in, to lose your mind in, and to recast it in more enlightened form all over again.
Tiny Mix Tapes
Perhaps through his relentless work output, Arca has transcended the limitations of digital structure to arrive at fluid alien-jazz.
The 405

The amount of detail and the flow of Mutant is truly staggering; there are tracks that seem to take you down through secret passages to the next track, while you can still hear the sounds of the previous track fading away in the room above you.

No Ripcord
In compelling the listener to approach his music experientially, Ghersi is able to successfully create an almost fantastical sub-reality that can only be occupied through this record.

Mutant is an album of contrasts, and Ghersi has an uncanny ability to let extremes interact with each other to create something new.

Consequence of Sound

The relative sparseness of melody makes Mutant slipperier than much of Arca’s older work, but the way he’s able to use texture and rhythm as his primary tools of progression is worth the patience it asks of us.

The Line of Best Fit
It might be a bit early in his career to hail Arca as a visionary, but he has certainly done more to change the landscape of modern music than the majority of his peers.

Mutant, even as it threatens to filibuster itself at over an hour long, feels like the album that Xen was meant to grow into, with every lesson that Vulnicura taught integrated at a molecular level.

The Guardian
Distressing, transcendental and beautiful, it’s a journey so remarkable it could excuse a hundred false starts.
Arca’s found a way to convey some quite complex ideas and emotions without the need for lyrical cues.

Mutant may be some of his most challenging work yet, but as Arca's music becomes more abstract, the viewpoint behind it comes into focus in ways that embrace strangeness, ugliness, and beauty equally.

NOW Magazine

The music seems to be reflecting and dissecting that very expectation of evolution; its sounds viscerally evoke morphing, growth and instability.

The album creaks and shifts incessantly. It evolves. As the title suggests, it mutates.
Under The Radar

Mutant is just as, if not even more so, erratic than anything we have heard previously from Ghersi.

Resident Advisor
The forms are extraordinary and the surfaces dazzling, but it's unclear how to navigate through them. You're impressed but also confused, and you keep an eye out for the exit.
This record prefers to forge a new feel out of complete chaos, in the most deranged way possible.
Aug 6, 2016
This guy is on some other shit! His production is unlike anything i've ever heard, fucking love it. The really warped, unpredictable and occasionally sadistic sound he brings to the electronic music genre is really something to behold and the display of it showcased here on 'Mutant' is quite impressive.

Whilst his projects aren't all that cohesive, the incredible soundplay he brings to the table on damn near every track is truly mesmerising, no two tracks sound the same to me, they all kinda ... read more
Nov 25, 2015
Occasionally uncomfortable, very often beautiful, "Mutant" is a daring and exciting listen.
Oct 12, 2016
Nothing else sounds like this. Not an album I'll be rushing back to listen to, but an enjoyable experience nevertheless.

Best Songs: Mutant, Faggot, Soichiro, Hymn

Worst Songs: Peonies
Nov 21, 2015
A lot better than his debut. Making an album that's 20 tracks long can be a bit of a risk for an artist like Arca. He's a masterful producer, but he doesn't necessarily have the songwriting chops that keep me engaged all the time. While I do get the sense that I'm listening to an album full of sketches, I can still proudly say that 'Mutant' is his most engaging work yet. For me, Arca is at his strongest when he shows his aggressive side a lot more and this album certainly delivers upon ... read more
Nov 15, 2017
Único y maravilloso es lo que "Mutant" es, la producción es tan grandiosa que logra adentrarte a una atmósfera diferente en cada track, simplemente una obra maestra.
Track List
  1. Alive
  2. Mutant
  3. Vanity
  4. Sinner
  5. Anger
  6. Sever
  7. Beacon
  8. Snakes
  9. Else
  10. Umbilical
  11. Hymn
  12. Front Load
  13. Gratitud
  14. En
  15. Siren Interlude
  16. Extent
  17. Enveloped
  18. Faggot
  19. Soichiro
  20. Peonies

Added on: October 17, 2015