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Anything in Return
Toro y Moi - Anything in Return
Critic Score
Based on 28 reviews
2013 Ratings: #536 / 939
User Score
Based on 131 ratings
2013 Ratings: #201
January 22, 2013 / Release Date
LP / Format
Carpark / Label
Chillwave / Genres / Website
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The 405

It is this album, with the more polished production, that shows off Toro y Moi as much more than just a chillwave innovator.


There aren’t specific songs on Anything in Return that function as stand-out moments, as much as the whole album functions as one long moment that stands out for its post-modern, semi-nostalgic originality.

No Ripcord

Bundick is envisioning a world of pop without the generic connotations of pop music, and overall, it’s a refreshing listen.  


Anything in Return has more truly great music than any Toro Y Moi album, but at 52 minutes, the overall impact gets dulled.

Beats Per Minute

For all of its well-intentioned flaws and near-immaculate production, this record hums with a life of its own, confident in the abilities of its creator. 

Drowned in Sound

The bombastic pop statements, though well handled, are just not as effortlessly great as the rest, and the endless play of boy girl lyrical scenarios does get a bit tiresome after a while. 


Despite being more immediate than previous work, 'Anything In Return' maintains Chaz's longevity and craftsmanship. 


Undoubtedly, Anything in Return shakes off easy definition, but all too often this is because it allows aimless beats to collide in a hazy pop patchwork, leaving something that runs high on atmospherics and low on actual substance.


‘Anything In Return’ is no disaster, but having released three solid yet unremarkable albums in as many years, the lack of any real progression or improvement is making the warning lights flash.

Consequence of Sound

While Anything in Return might be the most consistent of any of his records up to this point, it lacks the punch to break through.


Return is neither a step up or down from 2010's wave-warping Causers of This or 2011's time-warping Underneath the Pine, yet it's not more of the same. 

Tiny Mix Tapes

It sounds promising at first, but then it slumps into a bed of mediocrity that Toro y Moi has already proved he is more than capable of avoiding.

FACT Magazine

Try as he might to evolve, reinvent or re-contextualise, Bundick merely thrashes chillwave around within its own rigidly determined parameters.

A.V. Club

Pop music is more than just dance beats and glammy electronics; it’s an attitude, and Bundick might just not have it.

Under The Radar

While his third effort is certainly a technically intelligent outing, fun is not high on the priority list.  

Jul 8, 2017
Polished, clean, fun, funky, and very listenable.
May 14, 2017
Perhaps not anything close to a masterpiece, but one of my all-time favourite albums
Dec 21, 2015
The second half of Anything In Return is mostly a chore and should not even exist. The first half was pretty swell, at least.

Loved: Harm In Change, Say That, So Many Details, Rose Quartz
Liked: Touch, Cola, Never Matter, How's It Wrong
Disliked: Studies, High Living, Grown Up Calls, Cake, Day One
Mar 28, 2015
Some very nice production in this album. I also like the tasty bass lines on this album. This guy's songwriting is so bland however. He has a decent sound, but his songwriting is only getting worse with each album.
Dec 8, 2013
More accessible than ever, he reclaims his place in the pop dictionnary.
As for a better place in the countdown, he has to try harder!
Track List
  1. Harm in Change 
  2. Say That 
  3. So Many Details 
  4. Rose Quartz 
  5. Touch 
  6. Cola 
  7. Studies 
  8. High Living 
  9. Grown Up Calls 
  10. Cake 
  11. Day One 
  12. Never Matter 
  13. How's It Wrong

Added on: October 9, 2012