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Too Many Voices
Andy Stott - Too Many Voices
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2016 Ratings: #110 / 721
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2016 Ratings: #198
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Tiny Mix Tapes

Despite the complexities that make this such a multi-faceted and intrepid addition to the Modern Love catalogue ... Too Many Voices is an immersive experience that builds on the artists’ past without once holding them back.


Too Many Voices provides as many moments of disquiet, albeit a particularly exquisite form of disquiet, as it does of comfort.


Much of Voices also sounds like it’s slowly decomposing, even as it’s more spacious and aerated than Stott’s previous releases — filled with air the way a corpse bloats, perhaps.


It's a soundtrack for a sort of lovers' lane -- a moonlit path made treacherous by tar pits and sinkholes.


Too Many Voices is a breath of fresh air for anyone who found Faith overwhelmingly claustrophobic.

This is Stott at his best, a composer whose futuristic music is well rooted in today’s world, one that is badly connected to material reality, without a locus, with an idea of time that is flexible, adaptable. If we’ll ever need a soundtrack to our virtual alter life, this would be the perfect choice.
Consequence of Sound

Much of his work lives in destruction and rebirth, and embracing that helps to make Too Many Voices his strongest record since his 2012 breakout, Luxury Problems.

Resident Advisor

Stott's latest marks a new stage on this journey into the pop unknown, but it feels like he's not quite there yet.


There’s plenty of low and high end, but none of the gray in-between. It makes for an album that sounds more like backing tracks missing the singer and the song to complete them. If anything, Too Many Voices sounds like it has too few.

Nov 3, 2016
A strong album once again by one of the greats of modern electronic music. I didn't enjoy this album quite as much as some of his earlier works as it starts to become slightly stale after a while but nonetheless it is still worth a listen from time to time.
Jun 6, 2016
Too Many Voices feels like a step forward and back for Andy Stott sound. The versatility is there and the catchiness too, but the overall appeal that his last record had has gone somewhere else. I really like how he creates an atmosphere with his imprint and the vocals add an interesting touch to the music, but for some reason it just doesn’t click with me. I heard this several times and I always end up thinking the same: technically it should be in my favorite list, but it’s not. ... read more
Jun 2, 2016
One of the best electronic musicians this decade, Stott delievered his most adventurous ideas of turning his voices accessible but no less abstract. "Too Many Voices" is subtle in his message and regards atention. However the coolest thing of reading its words is notice in the end of the text that your body didn´t stop shaking at least since when First Night started.
Apr 25, 2016
Andy Stott siempre tuvo un estilo particular en cada uno de sus proyectos, desde ese elegante dub-techno acompañado de cortos sampleos borrosos, hasta ese juego con el dubstep o el breakbeat simple y claro, como lo hecho en su trabajo más conocido, el flemático Luxury Problems, allá en 2012.

Too Many Voices, su tan esperado nuevo disco, rompe un poco con esa estética clásica en el sonido del productor inglés, no precisamente del todo, pero las ... read more
Apr 25, 2016
On his new record, notorious producer Andy Stott gives a short step back in his delightfully dark catalogue, indulging into proto-vaporwave sounds and sampling-techniques that generate obvious Daniel Lopatin comparisons. The enigmatic producer from the Oneohtrix Point Never project plays a big role in Too Many Voices as a primmary influence on Stott. The problem is, Stott used to be a forward-looking electronic artist that constantly used his creative forces to keep his music relevant and ... read more
#31/Tiny Mix Tapes
#94/Rough Trade
Track List
  1. Waiting For You 
  2. Butterflies 
  3. New Romantic 
  4. First Night Alone 
  5. Forgotten 
  6. Selfish 
  7. On My Mind 
  8. Over 
  9. Too Many Voices

Added on: March 30, 2016