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The Spiral
Puce Mary - The Spiral
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May 9, 2016
The latest effort from the underground, death industrial artist is sadly a more sleep-inducing piece than a disturbing one. Instead of embracing genuine dark themes, Puce Mary creates an ominous tone using cliches like distorted, spoken word that's unbearably edgy along with screeching noises. What's the point of building suspense to absolutely nothing as well?

Favourite tracks: The Temptation to Exist
#25/Tiny Mix Tapes
#38/The Wire
#41/The Quietus
Track List
  1. The Spiral
  2. Night Is a Trap II
  3. The Temptation to Exist
  4. Enter into Them
  5. Masks Are Aids ll
  6. The Actor
  7. No Memory
  8. Slow Agony of a Dying Orgasm
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