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Shauf brings the same mentality to pop music as the songwriting greats of the '60s and '70s did, with gorgeous instrumentation, subtle arrangements and an all-round organic feel. Paired with his very human and humanizing lyrics, The Party is relatable and honest, simply marvellous.

The Line of Best Fit
With this effort Shauf successfully portrays the complicated smogarsbord that is youth by capturing in its crudest form at a party, with its hedonism and heartbreak, and in doing so propels himself miles ahead of his singer-songwriter peers who have tried to do the same.
In terms of craft and vision, Shauf has got both in spades, and while stylistically similar to his debut, he's made adjustments and broken new ground here as well.

While the arrangements are lush, they don’t get too overbearing or massive to take away from the lyrics. Fans of artists like Elliott Smith and Grizzly Bear will likely enjoy Shauf’s music, but overall Shauf really comes into his own on The Party.

Loud and Quiet
There’s only one thing that lets ‘The Party’ down ... and it’s a pretty major issue: the double-tracked, marble-mouthed vocals of its Canadian host. It’s a huge disappointment, because Shauf’s mumbled delivery all too often renders his sparkling melodies indistinct from the ornately constructed music behind it.
Feb 5, 2017
Probably the most surprising out of nowhere album of 2016
Dec 15, 2016
Beautiful album. I don't come back to it a lot but when I do Im reminded about the brilliance that Andy has in production. Instrumentally a genius, and organizing a beautifully composed album is another.
Dec 13, 2016
My favorite album of 2016, and now one of my favorite albums of all time. Andy Shauf, known for creating stories with melancholy melodies has created a party filled with people you might expect to see. There's the guy who shows up too early to the party or the girl trying to share her feelings for a guy or a boyfriend who can't find his girlfriend and assumes she's cheating. While the stories and premise of the album are unique and brilliant, the instrumentation is what really is captivating. ... read more
Jul 31, 2016*
Slow, simple and emotionally weak. The Magician is an one dimensional creation, with no real backbone. Andy Shauf's voice sounds fragile and weak. Compared to other strong voices in the singer-songwriter genre (Examples: Sun Kil Moon, Sharon Van Etten), Andy Shauf's voice leaves alot to be desired. He tries to play the "I'm vulnerable but strong" card, much like artists such as Fiona Apple and the aforementioned artists. But it does not work out for him, and it ends up sounding alot ... read more
Apr 25, 2017
Andy Shauf is one of those people in the party who like to observe and in his case, he transforms, later, his observations into soft-pop songs, garnished with that nostalgic, 70's sense.
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Track List
  1. The Magician
  2. Early to the Party
  3. Twist Your Ankle
  4. Quite Like You
  5. Begin Again
  6. The Worst in You
  7. To You
  8. Eyes of Them All
  9. Alexander All Alone
  10. Martha Sways

Added on: May 1, 2016