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The Skinny

Fiery hip-hop instrumentals, creamy rhythm and blues balladry and classic lounge vibes are explored with equal excitement – and pulled off with equal panache.


While IV is extraordinary for delivering fresh music that elaborates on their past work, it feels particularly exceptional because of its forward momentum. 

The Line of Best Fit

There’s a richness to IV which was not present on their last record, and it revolutionises their appeal.

It's easy to see why BBNG are the type of jazz group that appeals to people who normally don't care for jazz. They're music lovers, first and foremost, and they're directly in tune with what's happening in the music world. They blend numerous influences and don't conform to any traditions. More than anything, their music is exuberant and immensely enjoyable.
Loud and Quiet
‘IV’ ends up resembling more two adjacent EPs than a single body of work. While that might be to the detriment of the whole, the split doesn’t detract from its individual parts, which remain stylish, sensitive and expressive throughout.
Ultimately, BADBADNOTGOOD – along with other prominent forces like Kamasi Washington and Robert Glasper – are providing a growing wave of accessible jazz-influenced music which will only gain more traction as time goes on.
Consequence of Sound

These are songs full of poise, jukebox jams cut by dapper musicians in an analogue studio mixed with contemporary jazz. IV sounds as timeless as the instrumentation itself.


On their fourth record, the succinctly titled IV, they’ve reined in their jam band impulses, delivering a velvet-crushed portrait of an effervescent lounge act in the 21st century.

‘IV’ marks a refinement of the BADBADNOTGOOD sound and as ever is filled to the brim with gorgeous melodies and impressive digressions. Will it do anything for those without a love for instrumental tunes? Perhaps not, but those with broader tastes are in for a treat.

The collective’s fourth album serves as a roadmap connecting all of the giants they’ve lent their talents to (Ghostface Killah, Earl Sweatshirt, Danny Brown), continuing a case for why jazz is currently in a state of heavy crossbreeding with other genres. But with IV, they also stand poised to emerge from their place as the backing band.

No Ripcord

BBNG have always been fluent and sonically articulate, but enlisting the talents of suitable vocalists to thicken their smokescreen strengthens their suit.

The Needle Drop
Toronto jazz outfit BADBADNOTGOOD returns with some surprising and well-incorporated musical guests on their new album.
The 405

Grandiose aims are never to be scoffed at, but considering that IV's highs are so remarkably high and its lows are so forgettable, one cannot help but wish that BBNG had smoothed out the product.

Taken on their own, each track solidifies the group’s wild imagination, but ‘IV’ is tough to stomach as the free-flowing, full-bodied juggernaut that it is.
NOW Magazine

While IV shows a progression, it lacks the progressiveness that would keep BBNG in a league with their aforementioned jazz/hip-hop predecessors and peers. However admirably, it stays in its own lane.

Drowned in Sound

The sneaky interplay that once crackled at the core has fizzled out, as the band drift completely to austere gold.

Pretty Much Amazing

Now that they’re older, IV feels subdued and professional, something you would never expect to associate with the quartet ... Though they’re talented, as time creeps up on them, the pulse behind BadBadNotGood’s mission has begun to wear.

Aug 30, 2017
They're still young, they're still enthusiastic, they still blow out a kind of freshness, they still make a step further and they don't pretend to be the next big thing.
They just love making music!
Aug 5, 2016
There's a reason why BadBadNotGood's fourth studio record, IV, is Vinyl Me, Please's record of the month; quite simply, the Canadian experimental jazz quartet -- who've steadily made a name for themselves through their past collaborations with the likes of DOOM, Earl Sweatshirt, and Danny Brown --has solidified itself alongside Thundercat and Flying Lotus as one of the premier performance acts within the contemporary jazz world. (Or, it has at least earned a place as one of this reviewer's ... read more
Jul 27, 2016
This is honestly some of the best shit i've heard all year, did not expect to love this as much as I did. Every track is performed amazingly well and the whole album has an awesome atmosphere to it, it's smooth as fuck. It's also one of the most consistent albums of 2016 imo, not one weak track to me. My only problem is, even though I do think it's an improvement over 'III', it doesn't quite have the diversity that their last album did, it can feel as if they are playing somewhat safe at times ... read more
Jun 16, 2016
Jazz Fusion in 2016? No thanks
Nov 18, 2016
Okay, I like to be surprised. I love when I band that I'm not really a fan of, makes me a fan of.

And that's what IV did to me.
Come on! If you listen to it, you'll feel like you're in space, or maybe swimming in a pink pool. Something freaky will happen to you. The songs can make you feel sad (I'm looking at you 'Time Moves Slowly') and then they make you jump of joy (Now it's you 'Lavender'). They really created a nice mood with this one.

And what the fuck is with this production? It's ... read more
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Track List
  1. And That, Too
  2. Speaking Gently
  3. Time Moves Slow [ft. Sam Herring]
  4. Confessions Pt. II [ft. Colin Stetson]
  5. Lavender [ft. Kaytranada]
  6. Chompy's Paradise
  7. IV
  8. Hyssop of Love [ft. Mick Jenkins]
  9. Structure No. 3
  10. In Your Eyes [ft. Charlotte Day Wilson]
  11. Cashmere

Added on: May 17, 2016