Autechre - Exai
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2013 Rank: #141 / 939
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The 405

This album is truly epic, both in length and scope, best experienced as a whole. It's also a great place to start for any who may have been intimidate by Autechre in the past. 


Autechre have always been at the forefront of electronic music and Exai reinforces this, offering an invigorating, thrillingly cerebral ride in the process.


Unlike their earlier work Exai is not a stylistic paradigm shift, feeling at once familiar, contemporary and futuristic, and allowing their sound to shift and expand on foundations built twenty years prior.

Beats Per Minute

Autechre have never been minimalists, and they prove that here with such confidence that the industrial death it posits becomes an inevitability

FACT Magazine

Exai is best read as a proficient folding-together of the last 15 years of Autechre, and its best moments are exceptional

Drowned in Sound

This latest version of Autechre’s vision offers a glistening set of intergalactic transmissions that are unreplicatable and evocative.


Some of its songs deserve to be cut into halves, while others should have been chopped wholesale. 

Aug 6, 2016
God dammit not only do these guys have an extensive as fuck discography, but all their projects are long as fuck!! Like seriously even their EPs are over an hour long! How am i supposed to go through all this shit?! anyway, this album is really good, haven't finished it all yet though lol, but yeah it's detailed as fuck and immaculately written and produced, it can just occasionally be a little samey, but still definitely worth a listen if you're an IDM fan.
Aug 27, 2017
Autechre's Exai is a dense electronic album, spanning over two hours and two discs. While I don't have a problem with it being a massive double album, I most certainly do have a problem with how some tracks fail to engage me completely. The first disc pales in comparison to the second disc, and most of the tracks in both discs read off to me as being completely forgettable. Might be a worth-wile listen for fans of electronic music and IDM.
Dec 12, 2013
The album that keeps unfolding. An amazing piece of art.
Apr 21, 2013
total confusing. Too random for being declared as innovative - overrated
Apr 17, 2013
Enthralling and filled to the utter brim with layers that will both sound familiar and alien to a listener.
#11/The Needle Drop
#13/The Wire
#46/FACT Magazine
Track List
  1. FLeure
  2. irlite (get 0)
  3. prac-f
  4. jatevee C
  5. T ess xi
  6. vekoS
  7. Flep
  8. tuinorizn
  9. bladelores
  10. 1 1 is
  11. nodezsh
  12. runrepik
  13. spl9
  14. cloudline
  15. deco Loc
  16. recks on
  17. YJY UX

Added on: February 7, 2013