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The Childhood of a Leader (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Scott Walker - The Childhood of a Leader (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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Aug 22, 2016
A stirring and bracing score from 60s teen idol and iconic loner! Now in his 70s, Scott is making a handful of records that are stark, beautiful and jarring. This sore, compared to Hermann, displays Scott's genius for music composing and stand up on it own as a very fine album! I've got the limited edition transparent vinyl and it's just lovely!
#31/The Wire
Track List
  1. Orchestral Tuning Up
  2. Opening
  3. Dream Sequence
  4. Village Walk
  5. Run
  6. Down the Stairs
  7. Up the Stairs
  8. The Letter
  9. Versailles
  10. Cutting Flowers
  11. Boy, Mirror, Car Arriving
  12. Third Tantrum
  13. Printing Press
  14. On the Way to the Meeting
  15. The Meeting
  16. Post Meeting
  17. Finale
  18. New Dawn (Synth Layout for Cut Scene)

Added on: July 2, 2016