- Don't Let the Kids Win

Julia Jacklin - Don't Let the Kids Win
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Altogether, the album's palette and Jacklin's cracking, pensive delivery land her in a sphere with heavy-hitters such as Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen, with a touch of Lucinda Williams, making it a must for fans of thoughtful indie folk.
The Guardian

Don’t Let the Kids Win feels very much like one of those albums that will slowly creep into the affections of a large number of people; it’s that lovely.

Under The Radar

Its gentle waltzing country music melodies find balance in biting guitars and elevation beyond its contemporaries in Jacklin's quivering falsetto and wit—but, it's in examining her own life through different colored lenses that this album becomes something remarkable.

Consequence of Sound
Thanks to this demonstration of the ability to craft songs infused with wisdom and wonder in equal measure, Jacklin’s staying power is strong and she’s unlikely to need to return to factories anytime soon.
Oct 15, 2016
In a year where we saw Angel Olsen reach an unprecedent maturity level, saw Frank Ocean tear away the boundaries to his singer/songwriter persona and welcomed Emma Ruth Rundle as a very promising alternative-rock renegade, australian artist Julia Jacklin appears as an one more interesting figure within that plane. Channeling influences from Anna Calvi to Angel Olsen and Fiona Apple, the young singer/songwriter delivers a deliciously melancholic folk album with heavy takes on rock and indie ... read more
Jan 4, 2017
An excellent debut that simultaneously hints at the promise of more while arriving fully formed, Julia Jacklin delivers on the potential of her early singles. “Don’t Let The Kids Win” veers into rock, indie, folk, and country, but never quite fits into any of the following, and it’s for the best: it allows for the focus to be on Jacklin’s lovely voice and her stellar compositions, which reveal wit, subtlety, a great grasp of melody, and the ability to make you cry.
Oct 20, 2016
Gosto deste disco, como um disco de estréia é bem satisfatório..mas tenho dificuldade de ver Julia como uma artista "pronta" já..e faz sentido que ainda não seja, sinto que ela deve evoluir nos próximos trabalhos. Tenho essa sensação por este trabalho consiste de um rock alternativo com aquela pegada folk e melodias que flertam com o pop rock dos anos 60 que muitas artistas tem explorado de forma muito interessante nos ... read more
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# 76 - Drift
Track List
  1. Pool Party
  2. Lead Light
  3. Coming of Age
  4. Elizabeth
  5. Motherland
  6. Small Talk
  7. L.A. Dream
  8. Sweet Step
  9. Same Airport
  10. Hay Plain
  11. Don't Let the Kids Win
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