- Common As Light and Love Are Red Valleys of Blood

Sun Kil Moon - Common As Light and Love Are Red Valleys of Blood
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As a writer of the English language, Kozelek gets perfect marks; as a writer of songs, the jury is still out.
Consequence of Sound

The double album concept only waters down Kozelek’s biting social commentary and exquisite observations on living.

The album kicks off with God Bless Ohio. The track starts off with these very punchy drums and this very great bass, and then, when Mark appears in the track, an acoustic guitar appears. The acoustic guitar can sound very beautiful and very eerie at times in this track, and Mark's lyrics are very personal, basically detailing some events of his life and how Ohio has impacted him, and he is basically telling here about the places that he visited in Ohio before and after. It is a good start to ... read more
(Don't totally trust me, I listened this album only one time).

+ Beautiful tracks...
+ A lot of substance and experiences in this record...
+ Lovely "prog" folk record

- .. But there is an inadequate lenght in some tracks (God Bless Ohio can be shortened for example)
- ... But it really needs to be more canalized
- x2 -CD format don't really suit to accumulation of anecdotes
- SKM vocals can be really boring (to me and according to some people).

The real problem in this album ... read more
if it was shorter it would be better

anyway, strong record, god bless ohio is one of the greatest songs of this 2017
I definitely enjoyed this album a lot more than any of Mark's other releases under the Sun Kil Moon name that i've heard, it was the most engaging to me lyrically and it had some pretty pleasant instrumentals too. However once i'd finished this thing, I can't say I loved it overall.

My primary issues are of course with the album's length, it does not need to be over 2 hours. There are tracks on here where I feel like Mark's lyrics tend to meander a bit too much and he begin's aimlessly ... read more
I consider that with 3 times where I've heard this album of 2 hours, I'm in a position to create a decent review of it.

The structure of the album consists of the division into 2 discs, that the only reason to be so is due to the capacity issues in CDs and vinyls, because in the sound there is no difference whatsoever. The atmosphere of the album focuses on some drum and bass base accompanied by almost random notes of piano or another instrument, all this background while Mark Kozelek sings ... read more
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February 17, 2017 / Release Date
LP / Format
Caldo Verde / Label
Track List

Disc 1

  1. God Bless Ohio
  2. Chili Lemon Peanuts
  3. Philadelphia Cop
  4. The Highway Song
  5. Lone Star
  6. Window Sash Weights
  7. Sarah Lawrence College Song
  8. Butch Lullaby

Disc 2

  1. Stranger Than Paradise
  2. Early June Blues
  3. Bergen To Trondheim
  4. I Love Portugal
  5. Bastille Day
  6. Vague Rock Song
  7. Seventies TV Show Theme Song
  8. I Love You Forever And Beyond Eternity
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