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Night People
You Me At Six - Night People
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2017 Ratings: #626 / 653
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2017 Ratings: #472
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A little bit cocky at times, sure, but with the tightness to back it up, ‘Night People’ feels like the band’s most natural and accomplished step so far.

The Guardian

It’ll sound great blaring from the car radio at rush hour, but you’ll find more darkness and complexity in Twilight fan-fic.

The Independent

Night People is a painfully disjointed album that shows a band at an impasse, unsure about which direction they want to go in. Stylistically, it’s a mess that even their most loyal fans might find it difficult to sift through.


The tragedy of ‘Night People’ is not its lack of instrumental innovation (that is present for sure), but rather more essentially its lyricism and musical spark.


In magnifying their sound they’ve diluted the idiosyncrasies that set them apart from every other five-piece rock band. Gone are those lyrical hooks that caught quicker than fire and the riffs that were instantly recognisable.

Jun 11, 2017
There’s some nice power to be found here and there, especially for fans of borderline emo music from the 2000’s, but with the lack of any great melodic hooks, there’s nothing too memorable or noteworthy. My Score: 104/180 (Okay) = 58/100
Mar 17, 2017
1. Night People 55/100
2. Plus One 70/100
3. Heavy Soul 90/100
4. Take on the World 70/100
5. Brand New 80/100
6. Swear 50/100
7. Make Your Move 60/100
8. Can't Hold Back 62/100
9. Spell it Out 100/100
10. Give 40/100

Score: 67/100
Mar 12, 2017
► BEST TRACKS: "Night People", "Heavy Soul", "Take on the World" and "Spell It Out"
Jan 18, 2017
Night people equipped with all the cliches of mainstream rock, moving alone because nobody really needs them.
Jan 13, 2017
Cock rock that borrows the worst elements from Nickelback, Daughtry, Matchbox Twenty, Creed, and the like, there are only a few moments of brief instrumental interest to keep this from boring the listener into hysterics.
Track List
  1. Night People
  2. Plus One
  3. Heavy Soul
  4. Take on the World
  5. Brand New
  6. Swear
  7. Make Your Move
  8. Can't Hold Back
  9. Spell It Out
  10. Give
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