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Why? - Alopecia
Critic Score
Based on 11 reviews
2008 Ratings: #26 / 720
Year End Rank: #31
User Score
Based on 42 ratings
2008 Ratings: #20
March 11, 2008 / Release Date
LP / Format
anticon. / Label
The Wolf bros. / Producer
Hip Hop / Genres
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Eyebrows raised when Why? were chosen to support the Silver Jews on a 2005 tour, but that seemingly incongruous bill made more sense when considering one of Berman's better lines: "All my favorite singers couldn't sing." Likewise on Alopecia, Yoni Wolf doesn't seem to know he isn't a diva on "Simeon's Dilemma", that he isn't a New Pornographer on "Fatalist Palmistry", or that he's not a grizzled battle-rapper on "The Fall of Mr. Fifths", and he won't let any of it ge

t in his way. He's got too much to say to be concerned about it.

Sep 24, 2017
I had to bump this fucker up. I keep coming back to it... But maybe that's just because I'm as awkward and dumb as this album is... w/e
Apr 25, 2017
On his most critically acclaimed album as Why?, Yoni Wolf creates a blissful mixture of indie rock and hip hop that has a keen attention to detail. The lyrics are legitimately well written and relatable, with pop-like song structures.
The formatting and sheer quality of Alopecia is brilliant, but the music itself isn't anything super special. Wolf's voice isn't the best over the rock instrumentation, which is present more here than ever before, that he uses. And in addition to that, the ... read more
Feb 15, 2016
Space Vacation
It's hard to decide a "favourite album" but this might be mine...
I can't begin to put into words on here what makes me love this record as much as I do and as much as I have.
In a way it's responsible for me becoming a real fan of music in the first place, leading me to delve as deep as I have.
It's the most touching thing I've ever heard. I love the music. I LOVE Yoni Wolf; everything about him.
I'll never feel right giving an album 100/100 but I'll gladly give this album and only ... read more
Nov 24, 2015
The american trio crafts their masterpiece with Alopecia. Not only this is their most complete and well-accomplished work in terms of songwriting and cohesion, but it is also their essential album. Yoni Wolf and his crew succeed in putting together a collection of very emotional and fun songs, all delightfully arranged and produced, in an interesting mix of indie-rock, pop and hip-hop. It really is a powerful statement for the indie age, where youth spend their time wondering about the meaning ... read more
Feb 4, 2015
Goddamn this album is something special. A perfect mix of personal nerdy hip-hop and indie pop, a mix that usually doesn't go hand in hand well. The instrumentals are pretty top notch too. While there are many other WHY? albums that are worth the listen, this is the one that will you will fall in love with. This album is a true masterpiece in my eye.
Fav Tracks (If I had to single six out): The Vowels Pt. 2, Good Friday, These Few Presidents, The Hollows, Fatalist Palmistry, Simeon's Dilemma
Track List
  1. The Vowels, Pt. 2
  2. Good Friday
  3. These Few Presidents
  4. The Hollows
  5. Song of the Sad Assassin
  6. Gnashville
  7. Fatalist Palmistry
  8. The Fall of Mr. Fifths
  9. Brook & Waxing
  10. A Sky for Shoeing Horses Under
  11. Twenty Eight
  12. Simeon's Dilemma
  13. By Torpedo or Crohn's
  14. Exegesis
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