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A.V. Club

For most of us, the full thrill of a live Kate Bush show will always be the stuff of legend, but Before The Dawn provides a poignant approximation.


Between the dangerous waters of “The Ninth Wave” and the celestial heavens of “A Sky of Honey,” Before the Dawn demystifies what we’ve fetishized in her absence. Without draining her magic, it lets Bush exist back down on Earth.

Consequence of Sound

If anything, Before the Dawn is living, breathing proof that Bush still has the creative prowess and unique sensibilities that made her a superstar in the first place.

The Guardian

Before the Dawn provides a memento for those who were there and a vague indication of what went on for those who weren’t, without compromising the shows’ appealingly mysterious air: a quality you suspect the woman behind it realises is in very short supply in rock music these days.


Before The Dawn is glorious and confounding – in other words, pure Kate.

Many of us have heard of poor quality concert kate bush (it seems someone allegedly recorded him and threw to a network)

The official album has record quality 10/10
The biggest event in the music industry for the year 2014 was the concerts of Kate Bush, after 35 years.
For those who couldn't make it, here's the three acts of her show, that sound so stripped outside the Hammersmith Apollo.
Unfortunely, I'm very disappointed. When I saw that some people said "it's poorly recorded", I couldn't imagine that because ... it's Kate Bush.

There's Nothing much to say, Before the Dawn is a good idea and her live is fantastic but in the CD/vinyl it doesn't work because ... I don't know ! It just sound ugly, some songs are just destroyed by poor quality record.

Well 68 because ... I don't know !
Kate Bush's legacy in studio albums is just too great to summarize, but the legendary singer/songwriter has a fame for her incredibly vivid and ambitious live imagery as well (not to mention the passionate performances). This album comes at a very late stage in her career, maybe as a way to fill in the holes that the lack of studio album releases has caused in her trajectory, but the fact is, Before the Dawn is an incredibly ambitious effort itself. Released as a three-part live record, the ... read more
For all of us who spent the most of our lives wanting to hear and see Kate Bush in live performance, it's indeed very hard not to be biased about this one... Perhaps the recording could be better, but still, I can't get rid of the chills.
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December 2, 2016 / Release Date
Live / Format
Concord / Label
Track List
  1. Act One - Lily
  2. Act One - Hounds of Love
  3. Act One - Joanni
  4. Act One - Top of the City
  5. Act One - Never Be Mine
  6. Act One - Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)
  7. Act One - King of the Mountain
  8. Act Two - Astronomer's Call (feat. Kevin Doyle)
  9. Act Two - And Dream of Sheep
  10. Act Two - Under Ice
  11. Act Two - Waking the Witch (feat. Jo Servi & Paddy Bush)
  12. Act Two - Watching Them Without Her (feat. Albert McIntosh & Bob Harms)
  13. Act Two - Watching You Without Me
  14. Act Two - Little Light
  15. Act Two - Jig of Life (feat. John Carder Bush)
  16. Act Two - Hello Earth
  17. Act Two - The Morning Fog
  18. Act Three - Prelude (feat. Albert McIntosh)
  19. Act Three - Prologue
  20. Act Three - An Architect's Dream
  21. Act Three - The Painter's Link (feat. Albert McIntosh)
  22. Act Three - Sunset
  23. Act Three - Aerial Tal
  24. Act Three - Somewhere in Between
  25. Act Three - Tawny Moon (feat. Albert McIntosh)
  26. Act Three - Nocturn
  27. Act Three - Aerial
  28. Act Three - Among Angels
  29. Act Three - Cloudbusting
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