Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect
Sundara Karma - Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect
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2017 Rank: #535 / 624
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Acting as the figureheads for an emerging scene of intelligent indie, Sundara Karma’s debut is a rip-roaring voyage of exploration and an all-encompassing ode to youth.

The Line of Best Fit

Dubbed a 'band in waiting' by various outlets, Sundara Karma have filled their debut to the brim with hit after hit; it's hard to know where to begin.


This is a record made for the cavernous expanse of Brixton Academy, fancy light show in tow, chant-a-long choruses guaranteed.

The Independent

For the most part the songs are full to bursting with youthful melodies that lift the weight off the more serious of topics.


‘Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect’ perfectly narrates the roller coaster ride that is adolescence, and couldn’t be more relate-able if it tried.


Sundara Karma have talent, ambition, and youth on their side, but so do a lot of other rising bands. In the end, it's personality and distinction that endure.

Unfortunately, the clinical polish of major label backing takes the edge of the record and lessens its impact as it feels almost too clean for the emotion of the lyrics and it sadly descends into more stadium baiting swoons.
Drowned in Sound

Though there’s more than a glimmer of Arcade Fire’s arena-filling magic, it’s all too often overshadowed by a watered-down, easily digestible form of rock that wouldn’t be out of place next to Coldplay on the V Festival line-up. 

The Guardian

Their music groans with inevitability, with the Killers’ pious preachery, and the chugging earnestness of clean-shaven-era Kings of Leon.

Jul 19, 2017
A Young Understanding - 6/10
Loveblood - 9/10
Explore - 7/10
Olympia - 6/10
Lahkey - 5/10
Happy Family - 10/10
Flame - 7/10
She Said - 10/10
Lose The Feeling - 7/10
Vivienne - 7/10
Be Nobody - 6/10
Deep Relief - 5/10
Watching From Great Heights - 6/10
The Night - 8/10
Another Word For Beautiful - 4/10

Overall Rating: 103 out of 150 = 69

Overall Opinion: Some really good arena rock for the younger generation. Every song could easily be on radio throughout the globe. Some better than others. ... read more
Mar 24, 2017

A Young Understanding (9.0)
Loveblood (7.9)
Olympia (7.8)
Happy Family (9.3)
Flame (8.0)
Lose the Feeling (6.0)
She Said (7.0)
Vivienne (5.9)
Be Nobody (5.8)
Deep Relief (6.3)
Watching from Great Heights (7.0)
The Night (5.7)
Mar 17, 2017
1. A Young Understanding 95/100
2. Loveblood 90/100
3. Olympia 70/100
4. Happy Family 55/100
5. Flame 50/100
6. Lose the Feeling 70/100
7. She Said 70/100
8. Vivienne 80/100
9. Be Nobody 80/100
10. Deep Relief 100/100
11. Watching from Great Heights 80/100
12. The Night 80/100

Score: 76
Jan 19, 2017
These guys performed actually at my college a few months ago. Can't lie, i'm pretty happy I missed it.
Jan 14, 2017
As música parece tudo igual mas os cabelo tão bonitos

Added on: October 12, 2016