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Japandroids - Near to the Wild Heart of Life
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The Line of Best Fit

Near To The Wild Heart Of Life is proof that, while Japandroids are still capable of the cathartic sermons that can lead to hoarse voices and declarations of love, they can break from the formula and deliver something fresh and exciting.

With the Canadian duo's second album, Celebration Rock, they released one of the most upbeat and authentic rock albums of the 2010's, one that I see as one of the best overall of this decade. After almost 4 years stagnant, they come back with a terrific elaboration on the style that they created back in 2009. The loose concept of travel and what occurs on those ventures is the most memorable part of this album in my opinion; it brings a new and interesting take on what rock musicians ... read more

1st track: it started nicely. Started with a similar sound of horses galloping on top of a noisy instrumental. Then it became some sugary thing quickly. At least the vocals are good and the overall feeling of the track is pretty good. So far, it's good. It's not too sugary, as it has a pretty noisy guitar and the drums are kinda punchy. Seems like he's talking about a girl in this track. Lyrically, this is not a great track or whatever, but overall, it's pretty good. 8/10

2nd ... read more
Amazing album first dozen listens, will probably need to update this later. Honestly, start to finish the album is so well put together. At first I was not a fan of their slow approach in North East South West - pretty boring, and then a slow approach in true love moving away from their hard and rooted rock. However, for the purposes of the album - rather than being a loose canon with 'Boys leaving town' expressed in Post Nothing, this album is more meaningful to their background story [home], ... read more
I can't understand, what specifically the people see in this band? This album is enjoyable, but nothing new, nothing impressive. In some moments confronts the indie rock clichés. What I'm saying?, all the whole album is generic. 'Hey, it needs to grown on you', I'm no joking I've listened to this one in his entirely more than 5 times, and every time sounds worst. Maybe if this album had come out in the year 2000, my impression would be different. Quoting the Pitchfork track review of ... read more
En 5 años Celebration Rock ha crecido en mi, en lo personal es de esos discos que tiene una rotacion casi relgiosa en mi libreria.

Casi nada ha cambiado, siguen intactos los coros energeticos, las guitarras sudorosas, la baterias descomunales y el rock de estadio.
La sorpresa fue la inclusion de elementos descnococidos o como yo los llamo "No-Japandroids" es imposible pasarlos por alto, fue extraño escuchar los sintetizadores de "Arc of Bar" y las guitarras ... read more
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Track List
  1. Near to the Wild Heart of Life
  2. North East South West
  3. True Love and a Free Life of Free Will
  4. I’m Sorry (For Not Finding You Sooner)
  5. Arc of Bar
  6. Midnight to Morning
  7. No Known Drink or Drug
  8. In a Body Like a Grave

Added on: November 1, 2016