Xiu Xiu - FORGET
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The more cerebral, out-there music fan may find it all too easy, craving the satisfaction that comes with gaining an appreciation of music that's challenging to the ear. Most, however, will rejoice; as should you, because FORGET is overwhelmingly and immediately Xiu Xiu.


Forget leaves us as one of the band’s tightest and most consistent works yet, its grimness belied yet also supported by the impeccable pop framework sustained throughout.

Drowned in Sound

For all the coldness and brutality of Forget there are moments of beauty, validation and comfort, showing that these things can co-exist simultaneously.


Dark and luminous at the same time, Forget allows Xiu Xiu to redefine pop in a way that's true to their volatile -- but always gripping -- nature.

The Needle Drop
Xiu Xiu returns after a seriously prolific streak with a new collection of original material via Polyvinyl Records.
A.V. Club

Forget ... finally undertakes a concerted effort to serve the trio’s talents in a digestible form, with inviting and accessible results.

Under The Radar

Yes, FORGET is more listener-friendly ... but it is also solidly weird, immersive, and dark.


Individual moments shine throughout FORGET: a stunning chorus here, a stirring lick of pitched percussion there. But the album’s strangest attribute is the way it can lull you into a state of absentmindedness regarding those same charms.

Loud and Quiet

Stewart’s latter-day Scott Walker vocals are paired with phalanxes of mangled synthesiser and decaying rhythms to make for a characteristically complex – albeit rewarding – listen.

Feb 24, 2017
Xiu Xiu's newest output after their eerie interpretation of the Twin Peaks soundtrack is one of their best albums yet, from a pop standpoint. With a group as versatile as Xiu Xiu, expectations are a pretty tough thing to have, but mine were blown away. Jamie's heartbreaking lyrics and harrowing voice make Forget all more bone chilling than I thought it would have been. The fuzzy, sometimes house-like, electronic production is easily the best aspect of this album; it brings a more modern vibe ... read more
Jan 4, 2017
Xiu Xiu continue to challenge the listener by making us feel almost guilty for wanting to dance to something so bleak and disturbing.

Favorite Tracks: Get Up, Wondering, Hay Choco Bananas, Faith Torn Apart, Forget, Petite, The Call
Dec 24, 2016
Xiu Xiu's reinterpretation of the legendary Twin Peaks soundtrack this year saw the band's best qualities gather in a unique spot of 2016's music contender, showcasing their unbelievable ammount of creativity and sound crafting abilites. Naturally, the expectations for a follow up to that ambitious project would rise categorically. FORGET comes, then, as a major disappointment for any long-time fan waiting for the band to deliver something new. As the big step forward that was PTMOTP for them, ... read more
Oct 29, 2017
After what was one of the experimental pop group's most ambitious albums to date, Xiu Xiu decided to go back to their roots and release an album that played safe. FORGET sees Xiu Xiu hanging around in the sound that they had settled with their noise pop formula of past releases, and the results are far from being anything all that great. As a matter of fact, this album is an incredibly inconsistent and tepid album from the band, that sees them experimenting only slightly and coming through with ... read more
Track List
  1. The Call 
  2. Queen of the Losers 
  3. Wondering 
  4. Get Up 
  5. Hay Choco Bananas 
  6. Jenny GoGo 
  7. At Last, At Last 
  8. Forget 
  9. Petite 
  10. Faith, Torn Apart

Added on: November 16, 2016