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Consequence of Sound

The singing and melodies are massaged with a care unheard in the prior Drake discography; this album flows as improbably as The Life of Pablo, with more assured lyrics and smoother sequencing, to offset the lack of a certifiable genius at the helm.


On More Life, you can literally pick out your favorite type of Drake and have a handful of those songs within ear’s reach, which not a lot of contemporary rappers have the ability to do.


22 songs is a challenge — too many tracks can easily jump the rails, leading to an uneven and tiring project. But, as the first three songs bear out, More Life doesn’t lose too much momentum even as it stumbles along its path.

Entertainment Weekly

More Life is a serious commitment, if not a test of one’s patience. But Drake does at least have a better grasp on how to maintain momentum this time.

A.V. Club

Despite its playlist tag, it is unmistakably a Drake album—it even has a Blueprint highball closer like each of its predecessors—and as an album, it is probably Drake’s worst. But as a collection of totally atomized songs and ideas, it’s up there with anything he’s released. Maybe that makes it a playlist after all.

The Guardian

More Life offers little solace for those who never bought what the Canadian rapper was selling but for his fans that gave his songs billions of streams last year, they’ll hear no issue.


While VIEWS served as an ominous soundscape to a never-ending winter and reflected a booming hunger in the city, his newest release, More Life, presents the fruits of that labour in a sunnier, more celebratory arrangement.

NOW Magazine

He allows the various sounds, guest features and flavours of the production, which he and his crew adopted from all over the world, to steal the show.

Crack Magazine

Drake has convincingly positioned himself as an architect for a borderless age of pop music.

The Independent

With plenty of guests dropping by to chip in a verse or a rap, over 80 minutes’ worth of grooves and beats sculpted by a veritable army of producers. Pleasingly, two of the best are British, Sampha capping “4422” with an emotive outburst, and Skepta getting an entire “Skepta Interlude”.

Rolling Stone

More Life is his finest longform collection in years, cheerfully indulgent at 22 tracks and 82 minutes, a masterful tour of all the grooves in his head.


More Life ... is less of a return to form and more of an expression of Drake’s hunger for widespread acclaim beyond the borders of rap, and is indicative of where the arc of his career and legacy is trending towards.

Tiny Mix Tapes

The playlist is less an embodiment of the “experience,” Drake-playing-Drake via others, and more a headspace in which these voices, genres, and styles are given breathing room.


Drake's course correction to VIEWS bursts with energy—more South African house, more grime, more Kanye. It's a long player made for luxuriating and a total immersion into Drake's world-pop lifestyle.


It could be likely that Drake is saving his best bars for a more official project. Not that it matters, as there are enough great moments over the project’s 22 tracks to get fans excited; with the more melodic numbers in particular standing out.

The 405

Essentially any criticism one can level at More Life is irrelevant. It does exactly what it was intended to do, so on his own terms, it's a resounding success.

Drowned in Sound

More Life does a terrific job creating a mood with its dancehall-flecked, atmospheric production, and it certainly points to a fascinating fork in the road moment for the world’s biggest rapper.


Drake’s idea of “more life” is “more everything”. My idea of More Life is less music, and the best thing about this playlist will be the one I eventually build for myself.

Pretty Much Amazing

Regardless of your opinion of Drake’s music, you have an opinion on Aubrey Drake Graham, and because of this, More Life both succeeds and suffers. In Drake’s never-ending expansion into all areas, he waltzes into many a genre with ease, but at a cost of diluting his credibility and talents.


The turnaround from Views is remarkable, and the occasional standout does indicate that Drake’s been listening to some of the basic criticisms. It all stacks up as an agreeable (not wonderful, definitely not boring) assortment of thumpers, enough to pass the time until Drake finds a new culture to pillage.

More Life is a culmination of the sound that has made Drake so successful. Boasting his versatility, it's a playlist that of a sonic synopsis of what the OVO aesthetic has personified. From his witty introspective talk-rap & somber mood of lustful R&B to refreshing melodies on dancehall riddims & sprinkles of 40s magical stardust of production, it's a very Drake project that many October born will worship for the upcoming months & the common anti-Drake will scorn with the ... read more
gyalchester on the map
Another huge pile of messy and glossy rap material from Drake, now inviting everyone, from Quavo to Giggs, to PARTYNEXTDOOR to Kanye (and hardly getting any good results out of those collaborations). There seems to be no real reason for this 'playlist' to exist, and even less reason for all the excruciating filler skits and boring tracks that permeate the release, extending it to really difficult 80 minutes of roll-around emptiness and obvious songwriting (if we can actually call it that). ... read more
This does not give me more life, as much as it gives me more suffering.
hi mcknightyxx, I'd like you to know that i did in fact enjoy this album, albeit not a bunch, but it was good.

a lot of the songs sort of blend together and the two songs with pnd & Kanye are god awful, but overall it's a fun, simple album in melodramatic Drake fashion. sacrifices is an amazing song, and 2 chainz and thug absolutely kill it.
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March 18, 2017 / Release Date
Mixtape / Format
Cash Money, Young Money / Label
Hip Hop / Genres
Track List
  1. Free Smoke
  2. No Long Talk (feat. Giggs)
  3. Passionfruit
  4. Jorja Interlude
  5. Get It Together (feat. Black Coffee & Jorja Smith)
  6. Madiba Riddim
  7. Blem
  8. 4422
  9. Gyalchester
  10. Skepta Interlude
  11. Portland (feat. Quavo & Travis Scott)
  12. Sacrifices (feat. 2 Chainz & Young Thug)
  13. Nothings Into Somethings
  14. Teenage Fever
  15. KMT (feat. Giggs)
  16. Lose You
  17. Can't Have Everything
  18. Glow (feat. Kanye West)
  19. Since Way Back (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR)
  20. Fake Love
  21. Ice Melts (feat. Young Thug)
  22. Do Not Disturb

Added on: December 3, 2016