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Mount Eerie - A Crow Looked at Me
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And yet this collection of songs exists, released to the world as a declaration of love, and informing the listener about the circumstances of love and loss between Elverum and his late wife Geneviève Castrée Elverum and their baby daughter.
Tiny Mix Tapes
The specifics of its sounds and details of its creation feel as irrelevant and unimportant as any “review” of it (which is why the rating above means absolutely nothing). This isn’t just an album about death. It’s an album that lives death.

‘A Crow Looked at Me’ is a showcase of weakness and cruel reality, prose of lost love, and perhaps the saddest album ever made, and a statement of that magnitude still feels like a disservice.


They are beautifully and simply arranged, but it is not an entertaining album to listen to in any conventional sense, nor can it be shaken off easily. It is, however, the kind of album that makes all others seem frivolous while you’re hearing it.

Consequence of Sound

Overwhelming and humbling, Elverum’s revelatory work offers a blueprint for others going through similar situations in their own lives, a true testament to the power of art and a loving tribute to Geneviève.

A.V. Club

Pain is the crux of Elverum’s career, and without resorting to any of his brutally stark instrumentation, he offers his most sobering full-length to date, and likely of all time.


This record possesses immense power to make listeners reflect on their own relationships and mortality. A Crow Looked at Me is a grim memento of the grand injustice of losing those most precious to us.

No Ripcord

Even if Elverum is reluctant to label it as such, A Crow Looked at Me is what all art should aspire to be: honest, affecting, and unforgettable.

The 405
How many albums can you name that truly take something away from you by the time they cease? It may not be one you play often, but it's also one you will never forget.
So simple, so tactile, so deceptively real are these songs. Their cumulative effect is that they become wobbly with metaphor, forcing the listener into the kind of magical thinking that transforms everything in the living world into a sign of the dead, only to snap back into a reality that for better and worse means nothing.
Pretty Much Amazing

For anyone who was ever remotely interested in Mount Eerie or the Microphones, A Crow Looked at Me is a must-listen. But it feels made for a very specific time and place, and the subject matter is tough to stomach and tougher to shake. It’s bleak, but without any of the life-affirming notes you might expect from an album like this.


A Crow Looked At Me is as pure an elegy as you might ever hear, and you’re better off not listening.

Under The Radar
With his new album, Elverum managed to put this experience into words to be sung, and the results offer intensely moving chapters of his coping and survival.
NOW Magazine

A Crow Looked At Me is an unsettling, awkward listen and it might (probably will) make you cry. It’s also a tribute to an amazing 13-year love story and may turn out to be one of the strongest albums of the year.

P. Elverum´s recent learning-process about dealing with the death of a beloved-one is at full exposure on his new LP as Mount Eerie, A Crow Looked at Me (an incredibly suitable title at that). Here, the famous singer/songwriter takes the most bare tools at his disposal and crafts a last requiem for his deceased wife, seemingly hopeful she will look at him from the skies and receive his most honest message.

Anyone going into this album might be surprised by the sheer open-hearted quality ... read more
Edit: I refuse to give a rating to the album, I definitely can't do it, it's impossible. What would a high rating mean?, that the album achieves what it was proposed?, what I am certainly evaluating?. I'm not able to do it.

"And I remember thinking the last time it rained here you were alive still
And that this same long heat that I was in contained you
And in this same heat I open the window next to you
On your last morning
So you could breathe and then so you could ghost away
And now ... read more
Yes, this is an incredibly well written and heartbreaking album. Yes, Elverum does a great job of getting across the pain that he is feeling and how it is affecting him in his daily life. However, as heartbreaking as this is, it is far from groundbreaking.
Like Sufjan Stevens' Carrie & Lowell release from 2015, the instrumentation is very minimal. But it is also very repetitive. And, in my opinion, to make an album truly great, there has to be a variation of musical themes, even just in ... read more
You've probably already noticed but there's strangely been a huge, recent uprise in acclaimed artists releasing some of their most powerful and personal material revolving around the death of a loved one - "death-core" as I see in the tags. Phil Elvrum's latest under the Mount Eerie name, A Crow Looked at Me, already seems to reach beyond in its own undefinable category, utilizing the barest of essentials in the art of songwriting to achieve a golden, raw performance. Nothing heavily ... read more
Listened to this thing twice now and I can confirm that this album is excellent, never have I heard grief and loss sound so honest and personal, this thing definitely hit me very hard, I appreciated just how telling and evocative the lyrics were and how sparse and minimal the acoustic driven production was too. However, i'd be lying if I said I had any desire to listen to this album ever again, so for that reason i'm not sure if this thing will end up being one of my personal favourite albums ... read more
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March 24, 2017 / Release Date
LP / Format
P.W. Elverum & Sun / Label
Track List
  1. Real Death
  2. Seaweed
  3. Ravens
  4. Forest Fire
  5. Swims
  6. My Chasm
  7. When I Take out the Garbage at Night
  8. Emptiness, Pt. 2
  9. Toothbrush / Trash
  10. Soria Moria
  11. Crow

Added on: January 25, 2017