Thin Black Duke
Oxbow - Thin Black Duke
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2017 Rank: #35 / 624
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Such is the impressive scope, sound, and construction of this album, it’d take someone with genuine cloth ears and malfunctioning cloth ears at that, to find something to dislike about Thin Black Duke.

Tiny Mix Tapes

The Thin Black Duke is a concentrated work of beauty and malevolence that will go toe-to-toe with any other rock record released this year, and likely beyond.

Drowned in Sound

Oxbow's seventh full-length is an incredible, cinematic experience which is at once rewarding and terrifying.

The Line of Best Fit

Thin Black Duke isn’t their finest album – for my money, that’d have to be 1995’s Steve Albini-produced Let Me Be A Woman – but it’s still one of the most thrilling, galvanising records I’ve heard in recent months.

The Needle Drop

Thanks to Thin Black Duke's lavish orchestration and tour-de-force vocal performances from frontman Eugene Robinson, eminent underground rock outfit Oxbow has delivered a comeback album that leaves me lost for words for all the right reasons.


It may not be their definitive show of force, but it’s a dazzling spectacle nonetheless.

Aug 12, 2017
This album just sounds…broken, and I’m into it. It’s definitely a standard-fare rock style in terms of performance, but the songs are arranged in a way that always kept me guessing. The vocal style is highly unusual, and it takes a while to appreciate, but once I did I found that the vibe of this sound really resonated with me.

Great Tracks: Every track
May 9, 2017
Well worth the almost decade-long weight. Not as brutal as their past releases, but just as creepy. The newer, sparse sounds speak for themselves. They've taken the time to whittle away the excess of the songs to get to the raw elements.
Oct 18, 2017
One of the most underrated consistent experimental rock group Oxbow returns with a new comeback album called Thin Black Duke. Eugene and the boys bring out a grandiose of sound palette.Eugene beastly vocals presented all across the track list sound maniac and sinister. This is definitely a high point of the album.I'm excited to hear where Oxbow would go next after listening to this.A solid return unlike other albums *cough* gorrilaz *cough*.
Sep 1, 2017
On the first go-around, I didn’t like the music. On this current round of listening, I feel as if it’s almost my style. The music is song slightly off key at times, and there is an occasional melody that is ruined or subverted. Each song is a rough and gritty ditty, never beautiful, yet for me, enjoyable. I respect the ugly sound with a rhythm underneath; however, none of the tracks hooked me to make me want to hear it again, though I would not be averse to hearing the entire album ... read more

Added on: February 28, 2017