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Charly Bliss - Guppy
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2017 Ratings: #20 / 653
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2017 Ratings: #258
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A.V. Club

Guppy, the debut album by Charly Bliss, is a nearly flawless exemplar of its kind, a record that captures a certain sound, mood, and energy with the passion and exuberance of a teen as-yet-uncrushed by life.


Guppy is a special release ... all you need is thirty minutes of hooks and riffs sung by a voice familiar the first time you hear it.

Consequence of Sound

Guppy lures you in with fine-crafted honey, before blindsiding you with a sudden downpour of vinegar (or piss, take your pick).


Guppy is a hyper, loveable, endearing, gritty, catchy romp through early 20s confusion, love, lust, travel and therapy.


The New York band breathes life into the poppier side of ’90s indie rock, and their debut is both wry and sincere in its expression of the endless crap conveyor belt that is life and love as a girl.

Northern Transmissions

Never stumbling but occasionally feeling a little too familiar, Guppy is a fun and energetic record that only suffers from feeling like we’ve seen it before.


Guppy may be just the ticket for those looking for a reprieve from the ubiquitous gloss of electro-pop, and they can have it without sacrificing catchiness or sunny vibrations.

Apr 26, 2017*
a perfectly contrived imitation of an actual band. Chainsmokers for the noise pop set. if you want the real thing, listen to Speedy Ortiz or Dilly Dally, not this cheap generic knock-off. EDIT: I read in another review "there is no pretense here". Hello? I beg to differ. The whole thing is pretense. Music school brats gone punk brats. Graduate students acting like teenagers. Spencer Fox is an actor, for crying out loud. what isn't pretense here? They aren't a band. They play a band. ... read more
Jun 27, 2017*
Attitude, grit, angst, energy, hooks, loud guitar, and bratty vocals; Guppy has it all. This is a great debut from a promising band. A lot of the criticism gets to the point that it sounds like a caricature of 90's indie rock but it's all the better for it. This album is quick and efficient, in its short running time; every track leaves an impression and makes me excited to listen to it from the beginning again. There is no dull moment, Guppy isn't a chore to listen to. There is no pretense. ... read more
Apr 28, 2017
That's a goldfish
Nov 14, 2017
Albums like Guppy come so fricking rarely - it's a great combination of skill, musically educated members, good production, and RAW energy! Those folks are legit.
This is an alternative rock album. The whole album is consistent and I listen to it in bulks - fave track is "Black Hole" however. Just loving it. My favorite album for 2017.
Sep 5, 2017
Percolator - 10/10
Westermarck - 10/10
Glitter - 10/10
Black Hole - 10/10
Scare U - 8/10
Ruby - 10/10
Dq - 10/10
Gatorade - 9/10
Totalizer - 9/10
Julia - 9/10

Overall Rating: 95 out of 100 = 95%

Added on: March 22, 2017