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A.V. Club

Each Waxahatchee album has felt like a big step forward, and Out In The Storm feels like the biggest one yet.

Pretty Much Amazing
Though the record is her most lyrically straightforward, Crutchfield’s skill as a songwriter lies in the elasticity and ambiguity of her writing, resulting in a cathartic work that can be applied to anyone who has experienced a bad relationship.
Northern Transmissions
Crutchfield has written one of her strongest, most ambitious, and most importantly fun records to date. Breaking new sonic ground, while hitting harder than ever lyrically and vocally, she crafts a record that will break through to you one way or another.

While lacking the close mic’d intimacy of her early work, Out in the Storm is equally immersive, with songs that play like fiery exorcisms. It proves that Crutchfield’s music can retain its honesty while aiming at larger audiences, gaining its power from the raw, relentless energy that’s always fueled her best songs.

The Line of Best Fit

This is yet another reinvention for Crutchfield, but this is the first time she’s so palpably given off the sense that she’s at peace with her own thoughts: stronger and more candid for having figured out how to best to take care of herself.

The Skinny

Far too self-aware for her own good, Crutchfield is nonetheless becoming one of indie rock’s finest songwriters – it’s a privilege to witness this talent as it continues to bloom.

Loud and Quiet

Rather than looking backwards ... ‘Out In The Storm’ marks an unsteady but definite musical and personal transformation.


This is an unflinching, cathartic album that is concerned with looking back to help her move forward with a clear understanding that it will be the making of her. It’s also an album where the music is easily removed from the subject matter and can simply be enjoyed for what it is—a superb set of beautifully crafted and catchy rock songs.


The elements needed to make Katie Crutchfield one of the greatest songwriters in indie rock have always been present, just not slotted together perfectly ... the record provides of the most satisfying pinnacles of the year.


Out in the Storm hears Crutchfield unleashing her first effort recorded in a proper studio, with a full band and under the guidance of producer John Agnello. Unsurprisingly, the results are some of Crutchfield's biggest rock'n'roll anthems yet.


With Crutchfield forthright as ever and collaborators suited to drive home her position, Out in the Storm hits with strength as much as emotion.

Crack Magazine

All the better for the fact that it reflects these unfortunate nuances rather than dishing out the heavy-handed Goodbye-And-Good-Riddance that people may expect from a breakup, Out in the Storm is essential listening for anyone experiencing these upheavals, and a brilliant record for anyone else.

The Guardian

Out in the Storm, while as frank as Crutchfield’s earlier albums, also sees her kicking back against the person who wronged her. Musically it offers some of her most robust work to date, her chiming alt-rock melodies ballasted by a full band that includes her sister Allison.

Tiny Mix Tapes
The record’s adversarial feeling imprints — a wall punched out, a face yelled in — are cancelled by their wry sincerity, shy of sarcastic.
God Is in the TV
As expected, it’s a stellar album. What else would Crutchfield do?
Under The Radar
With a record this good, it'll be hard for Waxahatchee to top, but one can't help but wonder what's coming next.
Drowned in Sound
Of course, Crutchfield is still centre-stage, this is her story, her songs after all, but there's a dynamism that Waxahatchee previously lacked from the freedom that's been entrusted on these musicians.
Consequence of Sound

While her songwriting hasn’t quite made the same leaps that prior records have shown, Out in the Storm offers a unique perspective: that of someone happier and stronger for the pain endured.

Rolling Stone
Each song is as grueling as it is thrilling.
Slant Magazine

Waxahatchee’s Katie Crutchfield runs out of new things to say well before Out in the Storm ends.

The 405

It’s hard to listen to Out in the Storm and not long for what could have been. Crutchfield is baring her soul and just about every song shows some signs of greatness. It comes up short, but not for a lack of trying.

Jul 16, 2017
This album reminds me of some albums that came out in the beginning of this year, especially the indie rock albums that I came to discard because they sounded way too similar to other indie rock albums, and because they also lacked in exciting ideas. It seems that the idea book for indie rock is at its final pages, as there has been a plethora of artists or bands in this genre that essentially recycle formulas that previous bands have used and made popular.

Waxahatchee, the solo project from ... read more
Jul 13, 2017
Never Been Wrong - 90/100
8 Ball - 80/100
Silver - 85/100
Recite Remorse - 80/100
Sparks Fly - 80/100
Brass Beam - 90/100
Hear You - 80/100
A Little More - 85/100
No Question - 90/100
Fade - 85/100

Overall Rating: 845 out of 1000 = 85%

Overall Opinion: Her best and most accessible album yet. My favorite line is "I see myself in the eyes of my sister" since I"m a huge Crutchfield family & PS Eliot fan I really enjoy that nod. The writing is really good..simple ..but good. ... read more
Jul 11, 2017*
more of a return to the P.S. Eliot sound with some alt-country tangents, closer kin to Ivy Tripp, rather than the intimacy of American Weekend and Cerulean Salt (other than the beautiful "Fade"). but, as always, songwriting is her strong suit, and at times breath-taking.
Apr 23, 2017*
I'm pretty hyped after Silver : enjoyable songwriting and of course vocals, pretty catchy. Not too simple, not too complex.

Edit :

As I expected :

+ Direct songwriting
+ Catchy and enjoyable vocals

- Too short
- ballad/rock/ballad or semi rock/rock, etc The structure is a bit predictible
Jul 21, 2017
Out in the Storm is brimming with excellent rock songs that are they themselves brimming with excellent lyrics and catchy hooks. The difference between Waxahatchee's new album and other indie rock releases from earlier in the year is that Out in the Storm has the songwriting to back it up. There aren't any songs here that drag the album down too far, and while some of the arrangements can be predictable; the direct songwriting is a strength. The lyrics roll off the tongue and the melodies are ... read more
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