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No Age - Nouns
Critic Score
Based on 17 reviews
2008 Ratings: #74 / 720
Year End Rank: #11
User Score
Based on 70 ratings
2008 Ratings: #8
May 8, 2008 / Release Date
LP / Format
Sub Pop / Label
Indie Rock / Genres
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Nov 13, 2016
No matter how many reviews I read praising this album, I will never understand what makes everyone love it. It's a fun, chaotic, noisy, experimental album that does nothing but occasionally impress and disappoint. I appreciate the catchy guitar riffs, dreamy layering, and beautiful soundscapes. Even then, I'm unsure as to why everyone will call this one of their favorite modern rock records. I guess everything just feels a bit unorganized
Jun 11, 2016
I swear, this record never gets old. It's got some of the most loud yet catchy riffs I've ever heard with some solid drumming. Not to mention, there's some nice ambient tracks on this thing, but I do think they slow down the action a little bit which is disappointing. Overall, this is easily one of my favorite albums of the 2000s.

Favorite Tracks: Miner, Eraser, Things I Did When I Was Dead, Sleeper Hold, Here Should Be My Home, Ripped Knees, Brain Burner

Least Favorite Track: Keechie
Dec 7, 2015
Sonic genius. Non stop great songs and experimentation.
Feb 17, 2015
Tom Simmons
Fav Tracks: Miner, Eraser, Teen Creeps, Things I Did When I Was Dead, Cappo, Keechie, Sleeper Hold
Dec 17, 2014
A fun album filled with lots of raw energy. The band isn't afraid to experiment as well to make a more unique sound.

Favourite tracks: Miner, Eraser, Teen Creeps, Sleeper Hold, Ripped Knees, Brain Burner
#78/Pitchfork (2000s)
Track List
  1. Miner
  2. Eraser
  3. Teen Creeps
  4. Things I Did When I Was Dead
  5. Cappo
  6. Keechie
  7. Sleeper Hold
  8. Errand Boy
  9. Here Should Be My Home
  10. Impossible Bouquet
  11. Ripped Knees
  12. Brain Burner