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As we’ve sadly seen from recent tragic events, sticking together and loving each other feels absolutely vital, and in that sense, ‘Need to Feel Your Love’ is an album that not only shreds, but feels prescient, too.
The Guardian
Sheer Mag give you everything – socially conscious, sexually confident rock’n’roll that nods to pub rock, punk, funk, blues and 80s indie – and make it even more than the sum of its parts.
Energy, desire and that indefinable cool that any great rock band must have burst from every angle. This album feels like a celebration, and Sheer Mag sure deserve one.

With Need To Feel Your Love, the band broadens its horizons without losing what made ‘em so promising in the first place. That’s always a tricky line to walk, and Sheer Mag does it with gritty grace.

Slant Magazine

On Need to Feel Your Love, the Philly quintet fully embraces these dissonances, creating an album on which even their breeziest, most likeable hooks drip with tension and rage.

Loud and Quiet
Simply put, Sheer Mag are here to fuck shit up, and ‘Need To Feel Your Love’ isn’t a debut album so much as a loud motivational speech to do… SOMETHING. Come on down. Get in the mix.

As musically fun and riff-heavy as it is lyrically direct and meaningful, Need to Feel Your Love is exactly the debut album fans wanted from Sheer Mag — not to mention one of the best of 2017 so far.

Northern Transmissions

Earning their hype quite earnestly. Sheer Mag stick the landing on Need To Feel Your Love getting more than just a few singles worth of great music out on this record. An easy listen from top to bottom tis record continues their shtick of flipping classic and garage rock into something that elevates both, for a record that’s for lack of a better word, sheer fun.

Pretty Much Amazing

Need to Feel Your Love is an excellent debut, and if this record is any indication, Sheer Mag is set to continue their trend of making great music.

The Skinny
Sheer Mag remain one of punk’s most promising prospects here.

They had a run of thrilling singles that established their uncompromising sound and approach; Need to Feel Your Love is where it all turns to gold.


Arriving hot on the heels of their early EPs compilation, the band’s first proper full-length, Need to Feel Your Love, plays like a Dazed and Confused soundtrack set against a backdrop of Trump-age anxiety instead of carefree Carter-era optimism.

Crack Magazine
With Tina Halladay’s lyrics often taking centre stage, Sheer Mag seem to have found their own original angle on the genre, creating a varied record that is positively political.
No Ripcord

Sheer Mag’s heady mixture of influences shouldn’t work. And yet, their tireless curiosity and genuine affection for rock song forms is what separates Need to Feel Your Love from sounding like a conventional tribute.

Consequence of Sound
Between the soaring classic rock riffs, soulful vocals, newfound exploration of funk, and even faithful ‘90s covers, Sheer Mag is a band that excels within a conventional framework. Their debut album is a strong showcase that only suffers slightly from the pacing issue of moving to a 12-song LP after mastering the EP format.
A.V. Club

Such thematic complexity serves as an ideal counterpoint to the band’s rowdier sonic sentiments, and ensures that the knotty Need To Feel Your Love feels as lasting as its inspirations.


Need To Feel Your Love has lost some of the raw and raucous energy of the band’s earlier recordings via smoother production, but it’s as ballsy and as fun an album as you’re likely to hear this year.

The Line of Best Fit

Ultimately Need To Feel Your Love is an unashamedly retro flavoured affair, but it's one that’s worth tasting.

Under The Radar

Stretched across three-quarters of an hour and 12 tracks, Need to Feel sometimes feels exhausting. Individual songs are shots of pure adrenaline, but over the course of an album, they lose their punch-just like how an AC/DC album is never as good as its singles.

Jul 17, 2017
This latest album from the band Sheer Mag came to me as my introduction to them, and I came to this album with no expectations. I had heard some relatively good things about Sheer Mag, and I decided to give this album a listen, just to see what they were all about. Just in the first track, I was blown away quite immediately by this album's awfulness, and I am actually surprised at the amount of acclaim that Sheer Mag is getting, because this album is nearly unlistenable, at least to me.

Sheer ... read more
Jul 18, 2017
I'm sorry... but is anyone else hearing The Donnas after smoking too many cigarettes and drinking copious amounts of whiskey. Remember Gold Medal? Didn't think so.
Jul 15, 2017
+ Power pop + Punk
+ Good Balance between "vintage" and contemporary
+ Interesting theme about oppressive environment

- There's no major change between EP and this LP ...
- ... and it's a bit predictible after their compilation
Jul 20, 2017
More or less, this sounds like the album that we all figured Sheer Mag would come up with. The Classic Rock influence is there, the Punk Attitude, it's all on display. For the most part, this sounds like a lot of the music Sheer Mag put together on their early EP's, with a little cleaner production and a few more risks. For the most part, this album is a seriously fun, Rock N Roll album. But I just sort of wish they took maybe a few more risks, because for the most part the risks they do ... read more
Jul 17, 2017
Dos palabras: Aburrido y decepcionante
No hay mejores palabras para describir el fin de un mito construido en tres -magnificos- EP's

No desperdicien su tiempo y escuchen "World Best American Band" de White Reaper.
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Track List
  1. Meet Me in the Streets
  2. Need to Feel Your Love
  3. Just Can't Get Enough
  4. Expect the Bayonet
  5. Rank and File
  6. Turn It Up
  7. Suffer Me
  8. Pure Desire
  9. Until You Find the One
  10. Milk and Honey
  11. Can't Play It Cool
  12. (Say Goodbye To) Sophie Scholl
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