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By this point, Flowers' obsessions and signatures are so idiosyncratic, he's clearly the auteur behind Wonderful Wonderful just as he was with The Desired Effect, and the record charms because its ridiculousness is sincere and his sincerity is ridiculous -- two qualities that make him and his art messy and quite genuine.

As a songwriter, Flowers has never been particularly guarded about himself – he’s neurotic, driven, sentimental and sometimes corny – but he bares more on ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ than ever before, and the result is the band’s best album since 2006’s ‘Sam’s Town’.
An album without an obvious theme or concept it may be, but somehow, it’s still quintessentially The Killers. It may not be the all-out stadium epic we’ve come to expect from the band but it’s still wonderful (wonderful).
The Line of Best Fit

Wonderful Wonderful is not an about-turn, not an exercise in New Earnestness, but the latest step in becoming the most concise version of themselves – it is true because it concentrates the traces of what they have always been.

The Guardian
This is certainly big music, which is all the better for its more intimate, touching soul.
Consequence of Sound

Wonderful Wonderful is an album about The Killers and little else.

Entertainment Weekly

Although the new album doesn’t live up to its effusive title by recapturing the glory of Sam’s Town — there’s no “When You Were Young” here — it affirms that the Killers are far from dead yet.


The beauty of The Killers is that you can start at any point. Each album is as good as the last and those that came after it. To that end, Wonderful Wonderful works as a perfect introduction or a delightful continuation.


While Wonderful Wonderful certainly isn’t The Killers’ best record – or even their second best – it is a welcome return to form after some time in the wilderness.


Despite its flaws, Wonderful Wonderful is a welcome course correction, a relatively personal record from a too-often facile group. Whether history remembers it as the end of an era or the beginning of a new one remains to be seen, but it suggests that the Killers aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

Rolling Stone

What's great about Wonderful Wonderful ... is that they seem in on the joke, doubling down on their hugeness fetish while wink-winking their way to the bank.

Slant Magazine
There's never been a Killers album that comes so close to feeling as even-keeled and down to earth as this one does.
Due to its relatively experimental sound and diversity of styles – the album seems to delight in handpicking sounds from the band’s previous eras, while occasionally adding new influences to the mix – listeners are sure to find a lot to enjoy over the course of ‘Wonderful Wonderful’, even if some fans may find the consistently middling tempo and lack of immediacy harder to grasp than earlier efforts.

They don’t hit their lucky number on Wonderful Wonderful, their fifth studio album. No tens here—sixes and sevens abound, for sure, a few fives, maybe an eight.

Drowned in Sound
The Killers remain a act whose relevance lies predominantly in their status as live entertainment, and this album will be remembered mainly for the two or three power hits that bolster their setlist, but the keen fan who explores the album will be rewarded with a couple of tracks that shouldn’t go forgotten.
It will never be anyone’s favorite Killers album, but it’s the most fun we’ve had with them in years, and a hopeful sign of truly wonderful things yet to come.
The Independent

Wonderful Wonderful is an album that doesn’t let the listener look forward to the next track, because the album is restlessly glancing backwards over its shoulder, haunted by past successes of The Killers, and the great artists who came before them.

The Needle Drop

Despite its promising singles, Wonderful Wonderful fails to come together as a cohesive artistic statement and really falls apart in the home stretch.

A.V. Club

That lack of any real direction or purpose colors all of Wonderful Wonderful, a record that, even by The Killers’ standards, boasts little depth beneath its glossy surface.

Pretty Much Amazing

On Wonderful Wonderful, there are glimpses of that ambition on an otherwise routine album from a top-notch band on autopilot. But if the Killers want to capture the moment like they did a decade ago, they’ll have to want it more.

Aside from a few big hitters, ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ has too many middle-of-the-road moments.

Wonderful Wonderful fills the same role as Battle Born, taking mid-tempo pop-rock with aimless verses and marrying them to one stab-at-the-radio chorus after another. It's a vicious cycle, and it's one that they will likely never break unless they can find the inspiration to make something as emotional as Hot Fuss or as creative as Sam's Town again.

God Is in the TV
This is an utterly irrelevant long-player, a shiny empty monumemt to the playlists of a retro classics radio station, yet you can just fire up YouTube and instantly listen to the originals anyway.
Under The Radar

Despite a committed effort, Wonderful Wonderful isn't a title that accurately reflects its content. It's unfair to want The Killers of 2004, but it might be easier to move on if they were still making good albums in 2017.

Oct 22, 2017
The weakest The Killers' album to date
Oct 20, 2017
Wonderful Wonderful - 70
The Man - 81
Rut - 53
Life to Come - 60
Run for Cover - 63
Tyson vs. Douglas - 76
Some Kind of Love - 75
Out of My Mind - 67
The Calling - 64
Have All the Songs Been Written? - 66
Oct 12, 2017
The tactics of using funky sine wave synths, vocals that stretch the range, and textural builds within verse-chorus forms are successful albeit nothing new, but none of that matters since being fresh carries little weight when determining quality; what matters is the awesome execution of these tactics through constant amazing melodic intrigue and simple but exciting harmonic language, making perhaps their worst album to date still a great one. My Score: 147/180 (Great) = 82/100
Oct 3, 2017
Brandon Flowers and co.'s new record reminds of their begginings, they try to regain some agressive stuff and mix it with some of the newer sounds. Somehow, I still don't find the spark in this, it isn't bad naturally but it feels like some songs could've have more push, like they have a great building and then when the chorus starts the track just deflates. There' some nice experiments here like "The Man", that song must be one of the best changing sounds for the guys, also "Run ... read more
Sep 30, 2017
Favs: Wonderful Wonderful, The Man, Run for Cover, Tyson vs. Douglas and Out of My Mind.
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Track List
  1. Wonderful Wonderful
  2. The Man
  3. Rut
  4. Life to Come
  5. Run for Cover
  6. Tyson vs. Douglas
  7. Some Kind of Love
  8. Out of My Mind
  9. The Calling
  10. Have All the Songs Been Written?
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