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Milo - Who Told You To Think​?​?​!​!​?​!​?​!​?​!
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The 405

His latest album, and his best one at that, Who Told You To Think??!!?!?!?!, is a fifteen track epic exploring the height of Milo's capabilities as an artist.

A.V. Club

Milo’s still firmly making experimental hip-hop, bridging various through-lines of mind-expanding boom-bap, but he’s also etching his way toward the center, his art getting clearer with each step.

Pretty Much Amazing

While Milo’s lyrical wit has remained sharp over the years, the beats he raps over have gotten better and better with every release, culminating in Who Told You To Think??!!?!?!?! as the best batch of beats he’s rapped over.

Tiny Mix Tapes

This is the crux of the album’s difficulty: it feels personal and scans as though it should be, but time and time again, it leaves me not quite sure whether I know a single thing about milo, the person.

milo is a sharp-tongued rapper whose wordplay rewards close listening. On his third and best LP, the Maine emcee carries the flag for the underground rap scene that birthed him.
The Needle Drop

Following up on its predecessor's sense of urgency, Who Told You to Think??!!?!?!?! is another thought-provoking abstract hip hop album under Milo's belt.

Aug 14, 2017
He has taken the worst qualities of his previous album ie His Ego and made an album for it, at this point you're just listening to this guy because he uses interesting words, really not worth it, considering his words are completely empty and bloated by his insecurities and the ego he has created to protect said insecurities.

To compare Milo to Earl Sweatshirt is just a crime.
Aug 11, 2017
its a 7
Loads of underwritten songs, to much skits.
He does succeed in being lyrical and coming across intresting.You cant expect to put a poem on a beat and think it's a full song
Aug 11, 2017
It's Like Earl Sweatshirt, But not too much depressed.

Fav Tracks:
- landscaping
- yet another
- sorcerer
Sep 12, 2017
You know all those pretentious posts on facebook with people whining about being born "in the wrong generation" and posting memes about how cellphones and the internet are a plague to society? Well it seems Milo decided to make a whole album based on them. At one point on this album he name drops "Pokemon Go". This album came out in August, this August! Nobody has talked about Pokemon Go since last August. I've never heard of an album dating itself so much upon release.
Sep 3, 2017
Tracks where he's just straight up rapping are really great, but there's so many occasions where I'm put off by the level of pretentiousness and unnecessary glitchy vocal effects :/
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August 11, 2017 / Release Date
LP / Format
Ruby Yacht, The Order Label / Label
Track List
  1. Poet (Black Bean)
  2. Landscaping (feat. ELUCID)
  3. Call + Form (Picture)
  4. Magician (Suture)
  5. The Young Man Has a Point (Nurture) [feat. YOUNGMAN]
  6. Pablum // CELESKINGIII
  7. Note to Mrs
  8. Paging Mr. Bill Nunn
  9. Sorcerer
  10. Take Advantage of the Naysayer
  11. Idk
  12. Yet Another (feat. Lorde Fredd33, YCP Beno, And Signor Benedick the Moor)
  13. Ornette's Swan Song (feat. Self Jupiter)
  14. Embroidering Machine
  15. Rapper (feat. Busdriver)
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