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Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - The Kid
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2017 Ratings: #71 / 648
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2017 Ratings: #106
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A.V. Club

Her sixth full-length, The Kid, reaches a career high as the synthesist and composer ponders her existence, tracing the life cycle through four distinct stages.

She has put in the time to master her instrument of choice, and she combines that mastery with top-shelf compositional skills. As a result, she sounds like no one else.

Emotionally tactile and blossoming with feeling, The Kid is a stunning record that demands attention, absorption and meditation, two LPs rich with wisdom.


Her latest record The Kid stands apart as her most immediate and accessible yet.

The entire album is a stunning work of highly advanced kaleidoscopic new age pop, and is easily Smith's best and most accessible release to date.
The Skinny

On her sixth album in five years, composer and engineer Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith continues to conjure entire galaxies from 1970s synthesisers – and The Kid is perhaps her grandest project yet.

Rolling Stone
Sounds don't align with the rhythms, and Smith's voice is awash in alien echoes. But as challenging as this avant-garde music is, it's also warm, absorbing and gorgeous.
The 405
It’s a beautiful, bouncing baby of a record that throws dozens of images, concepts and beats into a lush soundscape and moulds something wonderful.
Resident Advisor

While perhaps not as immediately gripping as its immersive predecessor, EARS, The Kid reveals a depth of craft and a pivot by Smith towards trusting her own voice as she explores song structures.


Taken on its own, The Kid is a hugely satisfying example of Smith’s wholesome and harmonious vision, one that manages to enmesh the wonders of music, memory and nature via analogue synthesis without explicit reference to the healing properties of crystals.


Her new work, The Kid, continues the direction of her last solo work, EARS, but features fewer electronic elements in favor of organic instrumentation, no small move for someone who owes much of her earlier career to the Buchla modular systems.

Loud and Quiet
It’s charming, yes, and highly admirable from a cerebral perspective, but a little more abandon wouldn’t have gone amiss.
The Guardian
With modular synths growing densely around her multitracked voice, this album from Pacific-coastal artist Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith becomes as lush, heady – and occasionally trying – as a rainforest.
Sep 8, 2017*
That cover art is amazinG

This album sounds like a mix of Animal Collective with Laurel Halo.

Favs: An Intention, A Kid, In the World, but Not of the World, To Follow & Lead and To Feel Your Best.
Nov 4, 2017
It's like being in a yoga class where at first you feel really awkward 'cause you're a bamf and don't feel like you have anything in common with anyone else in the class, but once you let your guard down and start enjoying how the exercise is making you feel, you realize you're just like everyone else in the room. You stop caring how you look or what others think of you and focus on your senses. The music the instructor put on that was unbearably cheesy at first now seems fitting, practically ... read more
Nov 2, 2017
Although its construction as a 13-song album felt forced in places with the cutting off of some musical development, the wonderfully experimental timbre did well to dominate the work with blends of orchestral and synthetic instruments even if the sci-fi background was too obvious, and the calmly appealing melodies tied the work together nicely for listeners who are actively engaged in finding a deeper meaning. My Score: 132/180 (Solid) = 73/100
Oct 27, 2017
Ah sei lá, este tipo de som não é pra mim. Mto etéreo, disperso, artificial. Não tem nada muito intricado, seja na percussão ou nas melodias. Tem uma atmosfera bem envolvente, conduções que te levam numa viagem sonora, imagens sonoras bem vivas. Entendo que este disco pode ser muito bom pra certos ouvidos, quem curte ambient music e psicodelia, mas eu preciso de algo mais incisivo msm.
#12/Drift Records
Track List
  1. I Am a Thought
  2. An Intention
  3. A Kid
  4. In the World
  5. I Am Consumed
  6. In the World, but Not of the World
  7. I Am Learning
  8. To Follow & Lead
  9. Until I Remember
  10. Who I Am & Why I Am Where I Am
  11. I Am Curious, I Care
  12. I Will Make Room for You
  13. To Feel Your Best

Added on: July 11, 2017