Come Over When You're Sober (Part One)
Lil Peep - Come Over When You're Sober (Part One)
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Peep isn’t as expressive as his emo ancestors, and he isn’t as eloquent as his rap idols, but he does effectively bring their stylings together in a provocative new way that riles up the purists in both genres.

Aug 18, 2017
Pitchfork gave this the same score as Grizzly Bear...
Aug 19, 2017*
Long Island rapper Lil Peep is making waves once again as his debut album, Come Over When You're Sober, is released. The young cloud-rap character has recently reached wide recognition among music lovers, with specific publications pointing him out as the 'future of emo'. While it may be a rough, off-the-wall statement, one can sort of get what all the buzz is about - aesthetically speaking, at least.

Peep has become notorious for incorporating a certain degree of melancholy and teenage ... read more
Aug 22, 2017
lil peep is in his pocket when he exercises restraint and doesn't go full out emo rock, which is why it's a shame that songs like awful things and u said are on here. replace those with songs like white wine or girls (without the awful guest verse) and you've got yourself a pretty damn good debut.

face it guys, he's really not bad at all, and anthony fantano sneering and scoffing at every rapper who tries something new is not going to change that.
Aug 18, 2017
This lil Wimp doesn't have a single ounce of genuine sadness.
Aug 19, 2017
"Call Me When You're Sober" by Evanescence > this entire album
Track List
  1. Benz Truck (гелик)
  2. Save That Shit
  3. Awful Things
  4. U Said
  5. Better Off (Dying)
  6. The Brightside
  7. Problems
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