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The Dusk In Us
Converge - The Dusk In Us
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2017 Ratings: #39 / 653
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2017 Ratings: #113
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The Skinny

Converge may be slowing down in their output, but this is perhaps the band's best record since You Fail Me, keeping in mind the three albums in-between are not to be sniffed at.

The 405
To listen to an album as punishingly ferocious as this and come away with a stark impression of its emotional vulnerability is quite some feat on the part of the band.
The Line of Best Fit

The Dusk in Us continues to show the depth that Converge can hold below the abrasive sounds. They don’t create chunks of music to be instantly digested, they create art which is meant to take you prisoner in a darkness that will ultimately show you more than you ever realised.

Alternative Press
If the album title seems like a premonition, the stuff coming out of the speakers conveys the emotional context and sonic evacuation Converge have built their legend upon. As they have grown as musicians, writers and humans (with all the baggage that contains), the band still maintain their status as leaders.
A.V. Club

The Dusk In Us can’t match the apocalyptic power of a classic like 2001’s Jane Doe, but when Converge takes a victory lap, it still does it at a mad sprint.


As sharp, urgent, and exploratory as they’ve ever been, The Dusk in Us is quintessential Converge, given the grand new purpose of salvation.


The Dusk in Us is another step forward for Converge, pushing their sound to new levels in a way that is uniquely their own. Although it took five years to come to fruition, the record was well worth the wait, and stands as a testament to why the band have become so hugely influential.


Nervy, brainy, bold, and uncompromising, The Dusk in Us doesn't deviate much from the Converge playbook, and why should it?

The Guardian

While Converge have never since been able to replicate that shock of the new, they are remarkably consistent, with each new album finding surprising areas of extreme noise to explore. The Dusk in Us, the band’s first album in five years, continues that trend, offering some of Converge’s most punishing efforts yet.

Drowned in Sound

An unerring sense of conflict courses through The Dusk In Us, and while that might sound like business as usual for a Converge record, it’s a testament to Bannon and his cohorts that they remain so compelling nine albums in.

The Needle Drop
Metalcore legends Converge return with their 9th installment of blisteringly detailed rage.
Consequence of Sound
While Converge thankfully haven’t veered towards the pop metal of their erstwhile tourmates in Mastodon, their vital growth as a creative unit has nonetheless padded their cudgel.

The Dusk in Us is oddly paced, and any investment tends to feel intermittent. Their lacerating attacks feel self-inflicted and surgical, but don’t always scar as they should.

‘The Dusk in Us’ was whittled down to thirteen tracks from eighteen and there remains a little bit of extraneous material, particularly towards the album’s close, and that uneven pacing suggests a touch of rust after so long away - ‘All We Love We Leave Behind’ felt more tightly controlled.
Nov 8, 2017
If you asked me to introduce Converge to the uninitiated, particularly to someone unaccustomed to the more “extreme” end of the musical spectrum, I wouldn’t play them one of the band’s longer, softer tracks like ‘Farewell Note to this City’ or ‘Wretched World’. Whilst this would serve as a means of easing them into the band’s sonic maelstrom, these, and a dozen or so other tracks like them, are, of course, the exceptions to the dominant rule ... read more
Nov 5, 2017
god damn this is some squeaky clean ass bs
Dec 9, 2017
Converge latest record "The Dusk in Us" returns with their rage and chaos on their mind. Converge are one of the fewer bands in metalcore or metal scene in general that always are consistent and never in their discography made a mediocre album. My personal favourite album is Jane Doe. However, with this record not only the production of this is more erratic and damn right unhinged. The band manages to craft most of each songs with intrinsic noodling, guitar rifts and off the wall ... read more
Dec 3, 2017
Simply being intense and living in technical thresholds gave the music its only all around worth, which shouldn’t be overlooked, but it certainly doesn’t go far enough to be noteworthy due to the music being careful and careless in all the wrong places with a painful sound and overly regimented musical tactics, proving that intensity through intensity equates to nothing but cheapness. My Score: 85/180 (Deficient) = 47/100
Nov 7, 2017
So different from what I listen to. I like it
Track List
  1. A Single Tear
  2. Eye of the Quarrel
  3. Under Duress
  4. Arkhipov Calm
  5. I Can Tell You About Pain
  6. The Dusk in Us
  7. Wildlife
  8. Murk & Marrow
  9. Trigger
  10. Broken by Light
  11. Cannibals
  12. Thousands of Miles Between Us
  13. Reptilian
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