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Poppy - Poppy.Computer
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2017 Ratings: #362
October 6, 2017 / Release Date
LP / Format
Mad Decent / Label
Electropop / Genres
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The Needle Drop
Poppy's debut album is a good collection of pop songs, but doesn't quite live up to her unique Internet personality.
Oct 7, 2017*
Alright: so I like this record. I'd never heard of Poppy before this record – never heard of her YouTube channel, who she is, or her overall purpose – but on first listen, I immediately thought two things: Poppy is an art project commenting on contemporary obsessions with computers, the Internet and Internet fame that employs pop clichés or it's a completely shallow, unaware pop record. Thankfully, it's the former. On my second listen, "Poppy.Computer" revealed ... read more
Oct 8, 2017
some of the use of guitars is really awkward, at times it can be painfully cringey, but the overall sense of playfulness and fun is just too potent to resist with some of these hooks/grooves. overall it's more of that kero kero bonito/carly rae jepsen style pop music, which is definitely a love it or hate it kind of genre, but despite this being a frustratingly inconsistent album, there's enough quality here to stop me from being too mad at it.

Fav Tracks: Software Upgrade, Moshi Moshi, Bleach ... read more
Oct 15, 2017
Sounds like a less adventurous version of Kero Kero Bonito with some silly lyrics(including the problematic lyric of Software Upgrade). Not bad but nothing new.

Favs: Computer Boy and Interweb.
Oct 6, 2017
Poppy and Titanic Sinclair know how to make a great pop song. Although Poppy might not be the best singer, the production is what really sells these tracks. But like her Youtube channel, this album seems to be based on a loose theme rather than specific concept. This album is best at its most quirky.

Best Tracks: I'm Poppy, Let's Make A Video, Computer Boy
Worst Tracks: My Microphone
Nov 21, 2017
The label for this record is Mad Decent, and that is quite literally how I would describe this latest effort by Poppy. Catchy pop songs with a technological twist. Software Upgrade is probably my personal favorite of the selections here. The unfortunate side to this album is that the album does not really reflect the atmosphere or the allure of the personality of Poppy...however, with the preceding EP, Bubblebath, it didn't really explore this side of Poppy much either (which I suppose is the ... read more
Track List
  1. I'm Poppy 
  2. Let's Make A Video
  3. Bleach Blonde Baby
  4. Moshi Moshi
  5. Interweb
  6. My Microphone 
  7. My Style (featuring Charlotte)
  8. Computer Boy
  9. Fuzzy
  10. Software Upgrade
  11. Pop Music
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endianness, SantiagoDeMar

Added on: September 2, 2017