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Echolocations: River
Andrew Bird - Echolocations: River
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Oct 21, 2017
It's been a year and a half since "Are You Serious" came out, meaning that it's about time for an album-but-not-quite project from Andrew Bird. "Echolocations: Rivers" represents a deconstruction of Bird's longstanding distinctive sound into an ambient chamber suite. Unsurprisingly, it's flawlessly crafted and cohesive, and a joy to listen to. It's also very clearly an album for fans, as evidenced by the incorporation of the melodies of older songs like "Roma Fade" ... read more
Oct 10, 2017
Andrew Bird continues his 'Echolocations' series with an album that is based upon the reverb and haunting echoes encapsulated between a concrete bridge and the river below. Throughout the album, Bird taps into melodies from previous albums, such as 'Echolocations: Canyon' and 'Are your Serious' however, he throws a new twist to it that truly utilizes his surroundings. Bird has always been known for his pizzicato looped alongside dramatic melodies, and on this album he finds a way to master the ... read more
#22/Time Out New York
Track List
  1. The Cormorants
  2. Ellipses
  3. Lazuli Bunting
  4. Gypsy Moth
  5. Black-Crowned Night-Heron
  6. Down Under the Hyperion Bridge
  7. Dear Killdear
  8. The Green Heron
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