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Scoreless reviewsroyalflushJul 21
What do we do about bands with the same nameroyalflushOct 13
Soundtrack AlbumsroyalflushJun 26
Suggestion: Album CoversScottySep 29
Changing user ratingsamaarcohnukJan 31
Consequence of Sound RatingwallverJan 29
Best Albums PagebrandonOct 7
Music Lyricskmehta06Oct 7
Suggestion: Album trailersbgodSep 7
Flag a specific album or critic reviewbgodAug 25
Artist namingbgodAug 24
AV Club RatingsroyalflushAug 21
Top Artists Rankable by User RatingsroyalflushJun 27
The new "Links" tabRobJun 24
A couple new changesRobJun 17
Troll?wallverJun 2
Poll: Number of Critic Reviews required for an album to be rankedRobMay 22
User-Created ListsMarioPrimeMay 2
Following Other Users & Personalized FeedRobMay 1
New PublicationsroyalflushApr 24
ListsroyalflushApr 12
Listening QueuebrandonFeb 28
Friending other UsersRobertAckleyFeb 8
Add Way for users to Track Albums to Check OutgarethFeb 4
Cool site with a lot of potential, but...DesertDemonDec 15
Can users add new albums?nigeybDec 7
User Album Rating / Review SystemRobSep 11
Mobile SiteRobMar 14
What's your least favorite part of the site?RobFeb 14
Become a member of AOTYGuestNov 3
D &B GuestNov 3
The New Discussion AreaRobOct 31

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