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1. I'm Out (feat. Nicki Minaj) = 100
2. Sophomore = 100
3. Body Party = 100
4. Keep on Lookin' = 60
5. Read My Lips = 100
6. Where You Go (feat. Future) = 60
7. Super Turnt Up (feat. Ciara) = 80
8. DUI = 100
9. Livin' It Up = 80
10. Overdose = 100
cliched jam-bandish alt-country with typical screechy guitar runs backed with cheesy organ and pseudo-Waits vocal pretensions. profoundly average.
One of those rare albums that slowly tears you apart.
The first time I listened to this, I really didn't get what was so appealing. After listening to this multiple times, this has grown on me so much, and whenever I listen to this I'm always hearing and picking up new sounds that I didn't hear previously. Donuts is such an endearing and just such a beautiful project. It must have been so difficult for Dilla to make this as he was dying and in extraordinary amounts of pain as well. (Also realized that this album a donut!)
One of the most adventurous and well put together albums of 2017. How was I criticizing this in the past? No clue at all.
Mildly interesting electronic music from Jesse Kanda, recommended for anyone who is into UK Bass and some of Arca's stuff.
This is quite a disappointing effort from Charli XCX considering the potential she showed on her last two projects. There are some simply asinine vocal effects and the songs themselves just don't hold up. There are also some asinine vocal effects. There are certainly some good moments but I expected a lot better.

Best Tracks: Backseat, Tears, Porsche
Worst Tracks: Lucky, I Got It, Delicious
This is not my style, but enough of this album worked for me that I didn’t find it godawful. I took it like the cover and title, as something light-hearted and fun, but I took points away because I feel it was trying to hit buttons to get people to like certain songs. A song inspired by Stranger Things feels more like the artist created a song called Stranger Things, hoping that it would be found in a search by accident. Still, I liked some songs, and the different singers did not mean I ... read more
"I'm so narcissistic, when I fart I sniff it. Do a fake dab to smell my armpits with it." - poetry
Amazing work from a man this age and this far in his career
This is truly a one of a kind album with a one of a kind sound. The reverb and synth heavy version of pop and R&B sounds amazing. And FKA Twigs' voice sounds absolutely perfect on top. Although there are some falters in the production, it's hard to deny this album's uniqueness and beauty.

Best Tracks: Lights On, Two Weeks, Video Girl, Numbers, Closer, Kicks
Worst Tracks: Hours
If anything, Eminem has improved. He’s more than that comical rapper with misogynistic lyrics and horrorcore rap. He’s grown. He is in his 40s. This is a good album, especially in the year we are in today. Better than half of the other rap albums we listen to in this day. Eminem is still very relevant and it surprises me how far he has come and still goes.
Saturation III is Brockhampton's most consistent and most well written album so far. There are no weak moments throughout the entire tracklist. They even decided to take more risks in the production. THe result is some truly insane moments in Boogie and Sister/Nation. This album truly feels like a culmination. After 2 albums of trial, Brockhampton finally succeeds in making a truly classic cohesive effort.

Best Tracks: Boogie, Zipper, Stupid, Bleach, Alaska, Sister/Nation
Worst Tracks: N/A
one of the most underrated albums of all time in my opinion
Damn hippies.

01. Mantra – 6 – It sounds like a children’s rhyme. Not impressed yet.
02. Reincarnation – 6.5
03. Good Luck Bad Luck - 6
04. The Sound of War – 8 – Okay, I was about to say how the new instrumental part was annoying, but as it is to simulate the sounds of planes (bombers?) overhead, I let it pass. The non-lyrical part gained a full extra point-and-a-half.
05. Music For People in Trouble – 5 – That was the title track?!?
06. ... read more
A highly eclectic sampler from the hottest dance label around!
From afrobeat to nu-disco and from deep-house to latin,this is a great compilation for everlasting dance.
If you judged this album just from the track list and the length of some of the tracks, you could go into this thinking that this could be an incredibly disappointing album from clipping. Even though it's far away from being a masterpiece, it's also far away from being completely underwhelming and this is because of how cohesive this is.

As a whole, they manage to create an experience unlike any other in any rap album this decade. It follows an odd concept throughout, and it shines with its ... read more
Although this album is far from being great, one should never underestimate the power of washing machines. They can make decent music.
Top Favorite: So We Can Live
Other Favorites: Black Unicorn, Outroduction, Beautiful Pain
Least Favorite: Extra
Me: I'm really sad! I genuinely want to die. I want to commit suicide
Logic: it's ok man I love you
Me: I finally wanna be aliiive thank you man you really changed my life. Saved it even. Bless you, logic jesus. I'm forever happy. You cured my depression. Wwoooooooooaaaaaa I don't even wanna die anymoreeeeeeee
A groundbreaking achievement in hip hop this decade that is marked by the ambitious production and introspective lyricism from Kanye. Absolutely essential for any fan of the genre.
The electro-punks came to impose their law and, according to this collection that contains 15 of their strongest orders, they did it!
Being influenced by culture is always a good thing, the intrumentation here hangs like a Kubrick film, tarantino western and Tarkovsky in its execution, all over the place building worlds devoured by drug fiends and the usual antihero suspects, Earl, Kendrick & Petite Noir. It's a great distorted world which eats off new classics and themes that have become household ideas in our world, therefore so aptly titled Atrocity Exhibition, enjoy its a grower.

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