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By pouls on Apr 29
Mac DeMarco's 2 has a pretty relaxed sound and vibe that I can appreciate, but it is an album that does sound tedious, and that is because of a few songs in the track list that aren't all that entertaining or interesting. There are a few great singles that this album has spawned, but the singles or the more interesting cuts here aren't enough to outweigh the more tedious songs, unfortunately.
By pouls on Apr 29
I find Salad Days to be a superior record than 2. While 2 did have its moments, I find it to be a bit tedious at times. In Salad Days, things are not all that tedious; however, they are still not great. In this album, Mac stays in the comfort zone, and he does not improve his formula enough. Sure, he has made the songs in some way much more intriguing and much more attention-grabbing, but the formula is still the same, and some songs here are also not all that memorable or interesting. Overall, it's one of Mac's best efforts, but there is still lots of room for improvement.
By pouls on Apr 29
This is one of the most wild albums that I've ever heard. It's not without its flaws, but it is still a fantastic and essential listen, I'd say. All of the five tracks in Frances The Mute work so well together, and I wouldn't say that there is a single track in here that I dislike. There are a few abrupt transitions from track to track, and the fourth track is alright, but these aspects do not weigh the album down. The album's strongest song is the intense, off the wall and completely nuts Cassandra Gemini. This is a song that has multiple sides to it, and a lot of influences here. The thirty-four minutes of this song sum the sonic influences from The Mars Volta and close the album in the best way possible. Overall, Frances The Mute is an album that I highly recommend, as it is one of the most wild and eccentric albums ever made, in my opinion.
By pouls on Apr 29
With this newest album, Mark Kozelek releases a long, two-hour folk epic that has some very interesting experiments, like synths being added and even some hip-hop influences, hilarious moments, heartfelt moments, relevant moments, and introspective moments. Kozelek is also putting his singer-songwriter skills to the test in this epic album, with ten minute songs appearing all over thing that deal with a vast variety of subjects. It is Kozelek's most ambitious album yet, and one of his most admirable and enjoyable efforts yet as well. I do have a few issues, though, with some of the songs not being all that memorable and the album being somewhat exhausting, but it's still a recommendation.
By exception on Apr 29
One of the biggest surprises to me from this year. Obviously this isn't a terrific EP; it has a lot to be improved on. But Young M.A shows her charisma and personality on all 7 tracks here, proving that she can make waves in the rap scene.
By exception on Apr 29
Wow this is edgy!!
By exception on Apr 29
The production is actually pretty cool, but aside from that, none of the vocal performances excite me or deliver anything of real quality. Like practically every other single from Gorillaz this year, this is barely mediocre.
By BuffaloStaple on Apr 29
Little Dragon's latest release isn't a very progressive or ambitious album, it's pretty safe of Little Dragon to come out with a full-length album with so little experiments, but despite this I though Season High was a very likeable and pleasant dance-pop album, to me it's enjoyable and I found it pretty harmless.

I didn't come away from it with my mind blown or anything, but I did get a handful of nice tunes from this record that I do plan on adding to my playlists and replaying throughout the year. Season High is nothing boundary pushing, but still worth listening to in my opinion as I would consider a decent chunk of the material on here to be pretty quality.
By exception on Apr 29
Definitely got some Miley Cyrus vibes from this, not including the new hairstyle. This is one of the weaker Katy Perry singles, but I have faith that she'll put out a summer hit within the next couple of months.
By exception on Apr 29
There are a few really catchy tracks, but nothing is super engaging, and starts to kind of drone on for a bit longer than it should. Owens' singing doesn't add any more value to the record, and the production seems to flatline about 1/3 of the way through. Owens is still very young, so I think if she works on her own individual sound, she can easily produce one of the better electronic albums of the decade.

fav tracks: Lucid, Bird
By MarkCooper on Apr 29
So much care was put into what I assume to be Slowdive's last album. Over twenty years since their last, one would think an album at this point would be a nail in a coffin. However, Slowdive sounds as sure of themselves as ever, and brought everything they've learned in the quiet years, and deliver them in the most elegant way. I think everyone is totally surprised by this album actually being good, and completely floored by how good it is. it's not over-excitement, the album really is that good.

Favorite Tracks: Don't Know Why, Slomo, No Longer Making Time

Least Favorite: Sugar for the Pill
By EMR on Apr 29
Surprisingly catchy.
By pouls on Apr 29
The title track for Full of Hell's Trumpeting Ecstasy is one of the best singles that I've heard all year. I just see myself returning to this song due to how intense and unsettling this is. The instrumental part of this song is extremely loud and noisy, and there are two vocals here: softer vocals and screamed vocals. The softer vocals from Nicole Dollanganger make the track unsettling and unnerving. The screamed vocals make the song even more intense and disturbing. Overall, it's an incredible song, and it is Full of Hell's best song yet. My expectations for their upcoming album are incredibly high now.
By lemuriams on Apr 29
electropoptrip-hopart popelectro-pophip-hopelectropoptrip-hopart popelectro-pophip-hopelectropoptrip-hopart popelectro-pophip-hopelectropoptrip-hopart popelectro-pophip-hop but where is Gorillaz in this album?
By pikachuthedog on Apr 29
Killed potential of many songs. Not even cutting-edge.
By pouls on Apr 29
This new Gorillaz album is actually insufferable. To sum my thoughts of this album up, and to not rant about it for the rest of this review (and for the rest of my day), this shit is an album that had promising guests and some promising shit going on for it, but it sounds very tedious at the end of the day. Some of the better features here do their thing, and some of them leave a little bit to desired. The worse features, on the other hand, make me want to bang my head against my computer's keyboard. The album also has these interlude moments that serve no purpose other than to fill the album's twenty-plus song track list. I mean, there is a five second interlude here. A FIVE SECOND INTERLUDE ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!? Overall, I did not like this album at all. It's a disappointment, and a stunning one.
By Osbhat on Apr 29
I hope the solo will be better
By zigasajtegel on Apr 29

Track listening
1. Girlfriend (4.9)
2. I Can Do Better (4.7)
3. Runaway (4.6)
4. The Best Damn Thing (4.6)
5. When You’re Gone (5.0)
6. Everything Back but You (4.8)
7. Hot (4.9)
8. Innocence (4.7)
9. I Don’t Have to Try (4.0)
10. One of Those Girls (4.2)
11. Contagious (4.0)
12. Keep Holding On (4.8)
13. Alone (4.2)
14. I Will Be (4.8)
OVERALL: 4,59/5.0, 92/100
By tha138 on Apr 29
And suddenly The Boys Next Door were baptised into chaos, became The Birthday Party and began to experiment with the expressionism of the post-punk turmoil.
By tha138 on Apr 29
Has the gloomy, synth-pop drama ever been so genuine?
Totally excessive but totally classy!
By F0rZ3r0 on Apr 29
Pretty much feels like Kid A's bastard child, in a very beautiful way. Enjoyed this just as much as Kid A, so basically to make this a quick read; it was perfect.
By seasonal on Apr 29
Imagine buying the $500 vinyl release for such a mediocre album.
By F0rZ3r0 on Apr 29
It's an okay album, but it feels like the album just works too hard on what they do best, which is just the same sounding tracks. As I listened to the album, I barely noticed much of a difference through each track, and I felt like I was just listening to Modern Jesus on loop, the original track that drew me to this album.

That's really all I can say is my favorite track.
By F0rZ3r0 on Apr 28
The debut of Icy Demons, a band that will and probably will always remain in my heart as one of the best things I've ever seen. While Fight Back wasn't anywhere near as good as the future albums, it was still quite excellent, as no track failed to disappoint me, yet sometimes the tracks feeling empty at times, such as in Chimatown; relaxing, but meaningless. There is not too much else to say about the album otherwise. It's just the start of the excellence of this beautiful band really.

Favorite tracks are Manny's, Bitter Moon, Desert Toll - Spirit Guide, Vera May, Bowser, and Bitter Sun. Bowser's such a fucking hype song for me.
By GoldenChords on Apr 28
This is a good song, but it is ironic that the genre has to be Progressive Rock, I mean, it's just a self-plagiarism and a derivation of his 'golden years' with Pink Floyd. I hope the whole album is something totally different —can bet it will not happen—.