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By a1n2d3r4e5morei on Jan 23
The Hills 98
Can't Feel My Face 95
Earned It 90
In The Night 87
Dark Times 85
Real Life 70
Shameless 69
Often 64
Acquainted 63
Losers 60
Prisoner 51~
Angel 42
As You Are 40
Tell Your Friends 40
Pontuação Final: 68,14
By a1n2d3r4e5morei on Jan 23
Nêga 85
K.O. 70
Ele É o Tal 66
Todo o Dia 61
Indestrutível 58
Tara 55
Irregular 52
Então Vai 50
Corpo Sensual 42
Pode Apostar 39

Pontuação Final: 57,8
By a1n2d3r4e5morei on Jan 23
Lips 98
Say Something Loving 86
Brave For You 79
Replica 73
Hold On 70
A Violent Noise 68
Dangerous 65
Test Me 63
Performance 61
I Dare You 59
Pontuação Final: 72,2
By a1n2d3r4e5morei on Jan 23
No Promises (84)
Treat You Better (83)
Mercy (72)
Ruin (66)
Hold On (63)
Honest (60)*
Lights On (56)
Don't Be a Fool (55)
Roses (54)
Like This (53)
Three Empty Words (52)
Patience (49)
Understand (48)
Bad Reputation (43)

Pontuação Final: 59,86
By pouls on Jan 23
While this record does not match what Swans created in the next records, it is still a good album, and it has its enjoyable moments. Swans returns to a sound that is similar to the one of Michael Gira's other project Angels of Light, and this album is much faster than the other Swans albums released in this decade (this one lasts about forty minutes), and it is also in a strange position in Swans' input in this decade (it is nowhere near the sound that Swans would create with their other albums), but I still enjoy it quite a bit.

Personal Favourites: No Words/No Thoughts, Reeling The Liars In, Jim, You Fucking People Make Me Sick, My Birth, Eden Prison
Least Favourite: uhh... Inside Madeline if I had to really choose one
By isthatramoon on Jan 23
Atlantis: 67
Library: 68
Do You Miss Me at All: 93
Snap My Fingers: 74

Conjunto: 65
By barchamb13 on Jan 23
Get's better the more you listen to it, I adjusted accordingly.
By EMR on Jan 23
Guided by Steve Albini's watchful eye, PJ Harvey delivered her most brutal, raw album ever. Her sophomore solo release is a nasty, downright visceral work that reveals as openly as a flood blasting through a gate, Harvey's intense post-breakup emotions in a very dark and sharp, and because of that, an undeniably human experience based exclusively on doubts, inner thoughts, instincts, sexuality and anger, all thrown into the same bin and proccessed until it becomes this obtuse, stark pitch-black mass. While fantastically led by Harvey's one-of-a-kind vocals and brutal performances that are on point throughout the whole listen, the album can get a bit repetitive towards the end, even though there are a few of her most relatable and intimate songs here as well. A solid and symbolic work that defined a whole era with its blasting instrumentals and terrifying performances.
By BuffaloStaple on Jan 23
Really obnoxious beats, basic repetitive flows and uninteresting features plague this album and stop it from being as enjoyable as it could be. It's also way too long, and whilst here are a few bangers on this project, and some catchy hooks too, I just can't see myself revisiting this again. In my opinion, Wiley doesn't do a good job of writing well written songs at all, this isn't a very creative or diverse album, nor does it play to the strengths of a genre like grime, instead he just exemplifies everything I don't like about the genre on too many of the tracks. Every track is about expressing how tough he is, how tough the people he knows are, all the beats are fast paced and trap heavy, filled with random synths and shit, just makes for a really annoying listen more than anything unfortunately. Unimpressed overall.
By BuffaloStaple on Jan 23
As a whole album, I think Capital Punishment can be quite a frustrating listen due to the over-abundance of skits that are either way too long or just totally unenjoyable to listen to, but outside of that, there's a lot to like about the music on this record. The boom bap production is very consistently solid from front to back on this record, but imo the highlight here is definitely Big Pun's impeccable rapping skill. His rapid fire flows and intricate rhyme scheming is simply incredible on numerous cuts on this album, and that's what pushed it from good to great for me. I can absolutely see why some view it as a classic, but again, these skits just weren't helping anything. Also there were a handful of weak hooks throughout the album too, but all in all, it's still a great rap album from the 90s that's definitely worth checking out.
By pouls on Jan 23
Wiley's Godfather is a pretty enjoyable album, overall. The delivery is energetic all the way through, and the features here do not disappoint. What is truly a let down for me is the fact that sometimes, the production will be way too similar, and that the album goes on for a bit too long. But other than that, the album has its moments, and I can come back to the tracks that I liked.

Personal Favourites: the second half of Birds n Bars, Bring Them All / Holy Grime, Name Brand, Joe Bloggs, Bang, Like It Or Not, Lucid
Least Favourite: Back With A Banger
By noonoo97 on Jan 23
Stunning two tracks!
By noonoo97 on Jan 23
Rate this track to weird for some people but the effect it creates is extremely powerful.
By Robinist on Jan 23
It seems like a journey throughout all rock music from 80s 'til today. The problem is it contains two songs that seem to represent the worst kind of rock music of the last decade. I guess you'll understand which ones.
By PMM on Jan 23
Ultralight Beam 8.2
Father Scretch My Hands Pt. 1 5.2
Pt. 2 7.3
Famous 8.8
Feedback 5.6
Low Lights 4.3
Highlights 5.6
Freestyle 4 5.5
I Love Kanye 6
Waves 6.8
FML 7.8
Real Friends 8.3
Wolves 5.7
Siiiiiiiiilver Surffffeeeeer Intermission 2.4
30 Hours 9.3
No More Parties in LA 4.4
Facts (Charlie Heat Version) 4.7
Fade 6
By chuyin49 on Jan 23
Tre Capital is a good rapper, not a lyricist or crazy wordplay master, but compared to most of the rappers out there, Tre can hold his own on the mic. Unfortunately, he still can use some work on crafting a full length project and making a "Great" album.

That being said, I REALLY like a couple tracks from this album, for example: "Welcome to the Glory", "Clean/Filthy" and "Way We See It" (this song is one of my Fav songs of January, been on replay for a minute)
By ArcadeWeekend on Jan 23
Doubtful: 0.85/1.00
Got Me Fucked Up (feat. Dreezy): 0.80/1.00
Jealous: 0.85/1.00
Pressure: 0.80/1.00
Hands Free: 0.90/1.00
By chuyin49 on Jan 23
“He’s gonna be as great as Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole if he keeps working hard,”- Master P

I like Master P's enthusiasm about Marqus, but c'mon? As good as Kendrick? Good luck with that. The best song on this album was "Young N Reckless", other than that, this project is pretty much forgettable.
By ArcadeWeekend on Jan 23
FutureSex/LoveSound: 0.75/1.00
SexyBack: 0.80/1.00
Sexy Ladies: 0.70/1.00
Let Me Talk to You / My Love: 0.85/1.00
LoveStoned / I Think She Knows (Interlude): 0.78/1.00
What Goes Around.../...Comes Around (Interlude): 0.80/1.00
Chop Me Up: 0.75/1.00
Damn Girl: 0.70/1.00
Summer Love: 0.75/1.00
Set the Mood Prelude / Until the End of Time: 0.78/1.00
Losing My Way: 0.75/1.00
(Another Song) All Over Again: 0.78/1.00
Pose: 0.75/1.00
By Perschniggety11 on Jan 23
Best Songs: Come and Get it, Like A Champion, Undercover, Love Will Remember.

Least Favorite: Write Your Name; the chorus is kind of awkward to me, nothing else wrong besides that

Selena's first solo album without her band "The Scene" she decided to make an EDM/ Eletro-pop album and although it doesn't fit her vocal style very well it still has some great songs that can get you dancing in no time like Undercover and Come and Get it. Love Will Remember is the closest thing you can get to a ballad on this album because of it being more laid back than the rest of the songs, she sound great on this song.
By Perschniggety11 on Jan 23
Best Songs: Problem ft. Iggy Azalea, One Last Time, Love Me Harder ft. The Weeknd, Best Mistake ft. Big Sean, Be My Baby ft. Cashmere Cat.

There are alot of features on the album but most of them are great ex. Iggy Azalea, The Weeknd, Big Sean, and Childish Gambino while A$AP Ferg felt unnecessary.
By Perschniggety11 on Jan 23
Best Songs: Starships, Va Va Voom, Automatic, Marilyn Monroe.

Least Favorite songs: Stupid Hoe, Come On A Cone, Beez In The Trap.

What can I say about this album! half the album are rap songs; mostly in the beginning but some sprinkle in at the end after a ton of Dance-Pop/EDM songs, which is super confusing. What's with all the genre hopping? None of the rap songs are good and most of the dance-pop songs are forgettable except for the 4 mentioned above. There are just way to many songs on the album (22 songs on deluxe) and only 4 of them are good and those 4 song aren't even "great" songs. Nicki does have rapping skills but none of the rap songs show that. Some of the Dance-pop songs do show off her singing abilities but for the most part are just auto-tuned songs with low appeal.
By ArcadeWeekend on Jan 23
Lightning Bolt: 0.80/1.00
Two Fingers: 0.80/1.00
Taste It: 0.79/1.00
Seen It All: 0.80/1.00
Simple as This: 0.80/1.00
Country Song: 0.80/1.00
Broken: 0.85/1.00
Trouble Town: 0.78/1.00
Ballad of Mr. Jones: 0.80/1.00
Slide: 0.85/1.00
Someone Told Me: 1.00/1.00
Note to Self: 0.80/1.00
Someplace: 0.80/1.00
Fire: 0.78/1.00
By Perschniggety11 on Jan 23
Best songs: Treacherous, 22, The Last Time featuring Gary Lightbody, Everything Has Changed ft. Ed Sheeran, The Lucky One.

Least Favorite songs: We are Never ever getting back together; This is one of Taylor's more pop sounding songs and I can't help but think it's kinda of generic and stands out as the worst song off the album. Better pop song would be 22.
Overall the album is a mix of Pop-Country, Pop, and Pop-Rock that although sometimes don't feel like their off the same album sound great as songs by themselves.
By ArcadeWeekend on Jan 22
Consideration [ft. SZA]: 0.80/1.00
James Joint: 0.70/1.00
Kiss it Better: 0.85/1.00
Work: 0.80/1.00
Desperado: 0.80/1.00
Woo: 0.70/1.00
Needed Me: 0.90/1.00
Yeah, I Said It: 0.95/1.00
Same Ol' Mistakes: 0.80/1.00
Never Ending: 0.80/1.00
Love On the Brain: 0.95/1.00
Higher: 0.90/1.00
Close to You: 0.85/1.00
GoodNight Gotham: 0.70/1.00
Pose: 0.75/1.00
Sex With Me: 0.80/1.00