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By Jesus95 on Mar 23
1-Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box 8.4
2-Pyramid Song 9.6
3-Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors 7.8
4-You And Whose Army? 8.8
5-I Might Be Wrong 8.4
6-Knives Out 8.2
7-Morning Bell/Amnesiac 8.0
8-Dollars And Cents 7.8
9-Hunting Bears 7.5
10-Like Spinning Plates 9.2
11-Life in a Glasshouse 9.4
By Zkull on Mar 23
By exception on Mar 23
Better than most of TPAB to be honest...
By GoldenChords on Mar 23
To listen tomorrow.
By exception on Mar 23
A really funny and attention-grabbing novelty album, but there is nothing of real substance on this collection of mashups. Everything is very well done and professional, but that doesn't change the fact that All Star is placed somewhere in damn near every song on Mouth Sounds.
By exception on Mar 23
Through an hour of nerdy electro-pop tunes, Neil Cicierega created one of the more lighthearted and fun albums of the 2010's. With no Smashmouth samples on this one, all of the production is very clean and cut down to only what is necessary. However, the album contains a decent amount of filler tracks that just aren't needed. But the themes and song topics that are explored across the entirety of Spirit Phone are so absurd and weird that it appeals to me in the oddest way.

fav tracks: Lifetime Achievement Award, Touch-tone Telephone, When He Died
By Audiohype on Mar 23
Andromeda is good, Ascension and Saturnz Bars are ok, WGTP a little unremarkable. Nothing especially iconic but nothing terrible either. Getting Plastic Beach 2.0 vibes.
By GoldenChords on Mar 23
This is the real cover?, and 20 songs?. You don't need to be a professional critic to know that this will be a total mess of an album. Can't wait to give it my under-50 score. And why publish the last track of the album?.
By seasonal on Mar 23
Sounds good so far

danny brown, kelela, kali uchis, zebra kats
gon be good monkey shit
By ryansliao on Mar 23
This album is so remarkably consistent for a debut and considering how long it is. Kanye came out with a brand of hip hop fusing jazz and soul which contrasted very well with the bling style of his contemporaries at the time. The legend started here, and it still stands the test of time as one of his best.

Best Tracks: We Don't Care, Jesus Walks, Get Em High, The New Workout Plan, Slow Jamz, Two Words

Worst Tracks: Spaceship, Last Call
By swagkonyjohnson on Mar 23
This is an improvement over Views; nevertheless, this is almost an hour and a half of music I don't think we'll remember in a few months, much less a year.

Best songs: "Free Smoke", "4422", "Skepta Interlude", "Lose You"
Worst songs: "No Long Talk"
By ryansliao on Mar 23
Kanye kept the ship pointing straight ahead after College Dropout with this record. The beats are harder and the production noticeably cleaner and more polished. The jazz touches are absolutely brilliant on Touch The Sky and We Major. Kanye also makes better use of his features this time. All around, a slightly better album than his debut.

Best Tracks: Touch The Sky, Drive Slow, Roses, Bring Me Down, Diamonds From Sierra Leone, We Major

Worst Tracks: Celebration
By Z.Younk on Mar 23
First impression: his sonic palate has expanded, but the content behind is a bit more contrived and less vivd than anything he's previously released.
By DukesAtmosphere on Mar 23
Austin, Texas indie darlings Spoon have been making their own brand of arty experimental indie pop for close to 25 years now. Centred around longtime band-members Britt Daniel on lead vocals and guitar along with drummer Jim Eno, their 9th album in 21 years, "Hot Thoughts" demonstrates a sharp shift away from the arty and more directly towards the pop. Side 1 and Side 2 are divided equally into 5 parts, one fifth art four fifths pop with each side concluding with the longer artier pieces. By far the two most interesting tracks on the album are the closers, side one's "Pink Up" along with side two's sax heavy five minute instrumental "Us" which would not have sounded out of place on either one of Bowie's triumphant Berlin period albums "Low" and "Heroes". Plainly put what "Hot Thoughts" seems to suffer most from is a complete and utter identity crisis. The band even went so far as to bring in indie rock god Janet Weiss (Sleater-Kinney, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, The Go-Betweens, Bright Eyes, Conor Oberst, The Shins) as the albums officially credited "sequence adviser" to help make sense of these disparate tracks in search of an album. Perhaps the simplest solution would have been to flesh out the musical topography over two different albums instead of trying to jam it all into one neat little Hot Thoughts box because, contrary to what that old bearded hippie philosopher once said, the whole is not always greater than the sum of its parts. Roll over Aristotle and tell Spoon the news. Rating: 6.5/10
By noonoo97 on Mar 23
An album from Jazzman in there acclaimed jazz series exploring the influences and we get a taste of the impact of Islam on the genre.
By Zkull on Mar 23
If you thought Hallelujah Money was bad, check out the 4 singles. They're all terrible, especially Saturnz Barz. Damon's crappy intercom voice doesn't improve any of them either. Generic, unmemorable, garbage.
By Zkull on Mar 23
Boris for people who don't like Boris
By Z.Younk on Mar 23
Better creative direction and production than some of Rae's studio albums, but on some songs you barely hear Rae. This is the man who once gave us Only Built For Cuban Linx, a flawless masterpiece, reduced to choppy bars on soul samples.
By Z.Younk on Mar 23
Rae's best lyrical content since Only Built for Cuban Linx 2 in 2009. He's finally realized he's at his best when he elects for stripped-down boom-bap beats and takes it easy on the features from singers. He even manages to dominate the entire album solely on his own bars with no help from Ghost, Jadakiss or any other NY presence or Wu affiliate.
By Z.Younk on Mar 23
How dare she rip lyrics from her late husband's songs, and repurpose songs like "Ten crack Commandments" into washed up 90's tribute band quality R&B songs.
By EMR on Mar 23
Sound-collage at its most explorative and nihilistic state. Coming straight from Russia, this is probably the strangest oddball record of the year. Even if you don't really enjoy it, it is an interesting work to check out and satisfy your morbid curiosity.
By Miss80s on Mar 23
Mise à part quelques pièces vraiment bien produites (How Was Your Ride, Life Is an Ocean, October, The Jackal, From 44 to 48) le reste n'est pas au même niveau. En somme, c'est un bel album à presque 50%.
By SeaBass on Mar 23
Enjoyable album, good taste palette, loved the closer Us. It's a good time listening to this album, nothing that will rock your socks off, but great tunes and quite feel good :)
By plowo on Mar 23
electronic pop at best
By TravestiVisual on Mar 23
Bom,mas não tao bom. Next.