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Art Angels

Reviewed Jul 15, 2017
Grimes' Art Angels is an album that has been receiving these monstrous amounts of critical acclaim and hype ever since it was released, and it continues to be a massively praised and adored album by many people out there. Some consider it the "album of the decade" and one of the most important pop albums of this century, and I understand the appeal of some songs for some people here. It's not an album in which I can't see the critical acclaim; I can, without a doubt. However, this album is just not for me, and I think that it is one of the worst pop albums to come out of this decade.

Claire Boucher is definitively talented. Her talents to appear in this album to a certain extent: she is producing and writing nearly all of the songs here, and she is not producing odd, bedroom dream pop that she was known for. In this album, she is producing much more accessible pop songs, and these are songs that a mainstream listener can definitively enjoy. In this album, she has expanded her talents as a producer, without a doubt, and maybe in the near future she'll be producing for some of the biggest artists right now.

With that being said, I feel like her lyrics have gotten worse here. Not that her lyrics were always great, and not to say that she is the most lyrical artist out there. She isn't, and that is not a problem. It is a problem, however, if she is coming through with terrible lyrics all the way through. I can appreciate the lyrics because she has written all of them, but again, their quality. The lyrics are just so weak and gutless, and they make me wince all the time.

The production in this album is also something that makes this a nightmare. Whilst she has matured as a producer, and this maturing in the production means that she can, without a doubt, produce for bigger artists in the mainstream in a near future, the production here is still quite dreadful. The sound here is much more accessible, as I said, and this means that the personality that her production had is all lost. In change, we have gotten a quite lifeless sound here, that does eventually show signs of life.

The production here is also quite messy. Take for instance "California", the worst song here. The instrumental there sounds as if two songs are being played at the same time, and there are the buzzing synths that appear here. It is an utter mess, and it is utterly unlistenable. On top of that, we have Grimes' terrible vocals here. The vocals become brain meltingly terrible on the hook, and the song just makes my stomach churn whenever I listen to it.

The vocals are also a problem here. Grimes sounds much more intelligible in this album, which is great, but her vocals are much worse than in other Grimes albums. It has become much more obnoxious and hard to endure, and I feel like songs like "Kill V. Maim" can be ruined by them. The vocals here make me question if they were in bad taste or not, because listening to them sometimes is sadistic.

Not everything is lost in Art Angels, though. Some potential does appear in this album, and perhaps Grimes will perfect the sound of this dumpster fire for some thing much more pleasant and listenable in the future. Some of the songs here aren't all that bad either, like "Realiti" or "Venus Fly", which also stand as two of the best songs that Grimes has released, period.

The album is a catastrophe to say the least, but Grimes might perfect this sound in the future. She is talented, and she might make a much better album than this one in the near future. But as of right now, we have this album, and this album is, again, catastrophic. Grimes, however, is definitively benefiting from this album: she is maturing as an artist, and she has matured as a producer with this album. Not so much as a writer, but she might mature that later on. Maybe the next release will be miles better than this album.

Best songs: Laughing and not being normal, Realiti, Venus Fly

Worst song: California
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