A.A.L. (Against All Logic) - 2012 - 2017
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The Needle Drop
Nicolas Jaar's full-length debut as Against All Logic is one of the funkiest, most entrancing, and most cutting-edge collections of house music ever produced.
These are thrilling, racing tracks, but they're also familiar, both functionally—every hi-hat in its right place—and emotionally, with the kind of crests and ecstasies you might find on 1990s labels like Nu Groove and Cajual.
Resident Advisor

It paints an unflattering picture of the project as house and disco pastiche with only brief flashes of inspiration.

Mar 2, 2018*
Avalanches + Niicolas Jaar = A.A.L.

Favorite Tracks: Hopeless, Now U Got Me Hooked, This Old House is All I Have
Feb 25, 2018
Even without the blissful sampling on this album, 2012-2017 would still be a great techno album. One of the few sample-less tunes on the album, “Flash in the Pan,” is a beat-led track with finicky, bouncy percussion and killer synth-lines, and the closer, “Rave on U,” is an absolute party. The production on the rest of the album is equally impressive, and, at this point, everyone knows that Jaar is one of the best producers working right now. Period. However, where this ... read more
Mar 5, 2018
Across the board, I think everyone can agree that this is, for the most part, an inoffensive and enjoyable album. But I also think its fair to say that most of the people rating this so high have not listened to many albums in the same genre as this (myself included), leading us to get caught up in the hype of another popular album. Sure this is an awesome set of tracks, but if it wasn't from Jaar and if people's minds weren't clouded by Melon and Pitchfork, it'd probably be swept under the ... read more
Mar 6, 2018
Each track overstays its welcome as its engagement slowly dissipates. The vocal samples are cliche and irritating as well. Its "Since I Left You" level of reception is against all logic.
Mar 14, 2018
I mean it's good but it ain't all that...
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Track List
  1. This Old House Is All I Have
  2. I Never Dream
  3. Some Kind of Game
  4. Hopeless
  5. Know You
  6. Such a Bad Way
  7. Cityfade
  8. Now U Got Me Hooked
  9. Flash in the Pan
  10. You Are Going to Love Me and Scream
  11. Rave on U
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Added on: February 17, 2018